Tuesday, September 30, 2014


   Yesterday was International Coffee Day. I had been planning to publish this post then, until I got naturally caffeinated when I ended up going for a six smile hike . . . I don't drink coffee regularly nevertheless, but I do enjoy a cup of joe from time to time, especially if it's hand-ground and brewed in a Chemex. The earthiness warms my soul and, if I do get a cappuccino, the foam widens my eyes with excitement—I just devour it!

Here are my favourite local coffee shops around the two places I call home—Washington, D.C. + Amherst/Northampton . . .


b a k e d + w i r e d
One cannot compile a list of best coffee shops of D.C. without including this little gem. Not only is the coffee selection divine—including multiple roasters such as Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Ceremony, and Sightglass—but they also create the creamiest, dreamiest, frothiest of blends with locally-sourced milk from Kreider Farms out of Lancaster County, PA. Angels sing and flap their wings with every sip; this is no exaggeration, this isn't the caffeine speaking. Let's not talk about the handsome + beautiful brewers who also hand-craft each handsome cup . . .

l a  c o l o m b e
I don't even know what to say about la colombe that has not already been said. The coffee is supreme. The atmosphere is very Wiliamsburg, dotted with parents you can only aspire to be as effortlessly cool as or that bearded-up + tattooed hipster you know you catch too many glimpses of. Good visuals + vibes abound. The cups that are reminiscent of china used for Turkish coffee also don't hurt my eleven-year-old homesick heart.

b i g  b e a r
I will be honest, I am quite partial to big bear's tea as it's the only thing I order there after about a century-long pondering of whether to get Emerald Lily or Jamaican Rooibos . . . but I am planning on grabbing some coffee there on my next trip, especially with such descriptions as "JacaItenago, guatemala, organic flavor of chocolate is graced by a variecty of fruit aromas" + "70 % el salvador 30% guatemala, organic the bourbon ( burr bone) is known for its sweetness, deep chocolatey balanced flavor king of the heirloon coffee varieties." "Yes I said yes I will Yes!" (I'll treat whomever gets that reference to a cup of joe)


  a m h e r s t  +  n o r t h a m p t o n  c o f f e e
  No words, just love for this little coffee shop located in Amherst that also has a branch in NoHo. This is the place that made me fall in love with and appreciate—going along with their name—a higher cup of coffee. Thanks, Amherst Coffee, for turning me into a coffee snob with standards that reach thy heavens.

t h e  r o o s t
I've got major interior envy whenever I step into this place. It used to be Budqar's pharmacy + soda counter, whose vintage decor I can only fantasize about. The Roost's woody, earthy, + rustic atmosphere was designed by Liz Karney of sticks + bricks, who was even featured in Design Sponge. This place warms my soul. They also have a mean dirty chai.

What are your favourite local places?

photos courtesy of Amy Stone + Tumblr + Northampton Coffee