Tuesday, September 23, 2014


    On the heels of the Fall Equinox, it is New Moon in Libra on September 23 and 24. This is a transitional time, not only through the seasons but also in thoughts. Now is the time to pause, reflect, and welcome the silence of the releasing past. Release all the thoughts, individuals, and goals that no longer serve your being. This will consequently launch you into a newfound sense of ground as you also step into a new season.

     Below are some powerful guiding words for tonight's reflections. So, before you crawl into bed tonight, make the time + space to list your intentions for this new moon cycle. Meditate if you can and make sure to soak up the beauty of the moonlit sky, trusting that your intentions will come into realisation.

How would it be if we could go out into the world and be content to be ourselves, centered in who we are and ready to accept the other person for who they are?  What if each of us could meet the Other in harmony and justice?  That’s Libra’s goal.

Enlist this Equinox/New Moon portal with honoring and ceremony, at the least a private review of where you have been and where you now want to head.  Present your open heart and your intentions to the invisible world, so it may align and serve the divine manifestation that you are.

You live and learn. Every experience along the way is a ‘seed realization’ for the future. Nothing is wasted. Everything is for a reason. In order to regain your balance, you may need to re-frame the past. Your soul is eternally creative. You are constantly ‘in the making’. Likewise in life you have an endless supply of creative potential, an endless sky full of love…”
      From Cathy Pagano,  Pat Liles, & Lea Whitehorse respectively, via Mystic Mama . . .

      This New Moon resonates so deeply with me with its light on an open heart, aesthetics and beauty, and its challenge to put ourselves out there to show others how we've mastered ourselves. It is in this Moon charged with creative courage that I am embarking on presenting you with my blog. My one and only intention on this New Moon is to have this platform flourish into a space where I can share with + guide you through a life of holistic living.

      It is upon the increasing interest, push, + questions I have gotten from family, friends, and acquaintances on my passions ranging from interior design to interior peace that I have decided to plunge into the waters of blogging—jumping in with a cannonball into uneasy waters. Here is a place where you will find a post on energy-clearing burning sage followed by tantalising Diptyque candles, one on Himalayan pink salt lamps but also another on Scalamandre wallpaper, on the serenity of camping on a brisk Autumn night alongside dreamy interiors of the Marlton Hotel. This is an exploration. This is a guidebook for holistic living, shaken & stirred . . .

     Photo courtesy of Michael Graydon