Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It's that most wonderful time of the year . . . when that caffeine, conveniency of to-go foods, and late-nights are beginning to take a toll on our largest organ: our skin. When many of us already have an overflowing cup of coffee—oh, the burn of graduation and job search—a pimple is one of the very last things we want to worry about. 

So, let me introduce you to a plethora of beautifying, cleansing, + detoxifying herbal teas that will hydrate and fortify your skin and cell membranes from the inside out, expanding your beauty by calming your nerves, + toning and firming your tissues. 
Pinkies out for sipping pretty . . . 

SWIFT TRANSITION | Rishi Tea, Jamaica Rooibos caffeine-free blend
If you are not quite ready to give up the coffee for herbs, twigs, and twine, here is a way to swap the dehydrating effects with beautifying ingredients like rooibos, schizandra, and rose hips that taste more like dessert than a cup of roots.

HYDRATE | Kosia Natural, Hydrate Tea 
This is a blend for those who absolutely cannot give up caffeine. An antioxidant (and caffeine)-rich blend of green and oolong tea, it fortifies skin, hair, and nails while hydrating the body with trace minerals + vitamins from ingredients like goji berries. 

CALM | The Republic of Tea, Get Relaxed 
This probably is one of my favourite teas of all time. The blend of rooibos and lavender buds put an immediate smile to my face—instant face lift.

DETOX |Kusmi Tea, BB Detox
Another anti-oxidant powerhouse + boosted with caffeine, this maté and green tea blend flushes excess fluids + removes toxins. It has an uplifting grapefruit essence but is balanced by the earthy Dandelion Root, which provides intense detoxification for the kidney, liver, + skin. These are the organs that suffer the most from daily, toxic stress according to Chinese Medicine. This tea is also perfect for combatting the effects of late nights out.

GLOW |R. L. Linden & Co., Ms. Tilly Rosalie's Beauty Tea 
This utterly beautiful floral tisane is a beauty multi-tasker—it can be sipped as a tea, used as a facial steam, can de-puff eyes as a compress, or used as a beautifying bath soak . . . or used all together at once! 

REGENERATE |Republic of Tea, Get Gorgeous
Get Gorgeous is packed with regenerating and anti-ageing properties from ingredients like Vitamin C powerhouse hibiscus and the burdock, a member of the dandelion family. Burdock root is a potent herb for skin conditions ranging from eczema to acne, working to purify the blood and skin.

SUSTAIN | Bellocq, No. 28 Mulberry Leaf Tea
Mulberry leaf tea is a delightfully rich single-herb infusion that provides a multitude of benefits, ranging from strengthening vitamins like calcium to the flavanoids that giht against oxidative effects of stress. It also maintains healthy blood sugar levels, alleviating stress on the skin by sustaining the body's energy throughout the day.

photo courtesy of Redstamp and Jean Shrimpton +  Tumblr