Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Today’s SPIRITUAL SMACK is a short and precise one. I have always been relentlessly trying to push out negativity from my mind and my life, looking to find ways to shift my energy. I have come to find, however, that this only perpetuates my anger, anxiety, + ensuing negativity; I feel stuck, out of touch with myself, and out of control with my feelings.
What I have recently realised is that I have been neglecting confrontation + presence in facing my negativityIn order to find peace, we need to confront and be able to hold that negativity—sit comfortably in it as we can in positivity. As Pema Chodron expressed, we have much to learn from meditating on this negativity. And once we see its light, we can then choose how to express it and let it go. But if we don’t choose to hold onto it and investigate it in the first place, it’ll take a hold of us and we will become its victim.
So, make it your aim this week to explore your negativity. AWAKEN . . .