Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am absolutely over the moon about these sprays from Agnes Baddoo, who also creates exquisite roomy bags that are perfect for bag ladies such as myself. The bags are handcrafted in Los Angeles, California + the leather is pure butter. This one is definitely on the tippy-top of my Christmas wish list. It was inspired by a forty-year-old bag Agnes's mother had used . . .

The sprays are a handmade blend of therapeutic grade essential oils, purified water, + colloidal silver. I love to carry it around when I'm off to class or to the gym. The highly bioavailable form of colloidal silver in these sprays is a powerful yet natural way to combat bacteria, fungus, + virus on contact. It gently detoxes the body + strengthens the immune system. 

Each essential oil used has different properties + not to mention a divine scent . . .
Spray №3 has top notes of geranium + rosewood and has a bright, floral, + invigorating scent. Geranium is the perfect essential oil for nurturing the kidneys, improving circulation, alleviating symptoms of hormonal imbalances, reducing inflammation and irritation, + reducing blood pressure. 

Spray №9 has top notes of rose and sandalwood and has a grounding scent. Sandalwood is one of my favourite essential oils +  a treasure within Ayurvedic medicine. It has a plethora of benefits such as anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, + anti-cancer properties. It is high in sesquiterpenes, which is a chemical that stimulates the pineal gland in the brain. This allows it to penetrate the brain + stimulate a deep sense of calm. This makes it the perfect blend for meditation and work as it clears the mind + allows for unparalleled concentration. 

Spray №11's top notes are rosemary + frankincense. Rosemary is one of my go-to essential oils in times of suppressed immunity or frigid weather. It improves circulation + is a potent immunity-booster. So, it makes this spray a perfect choice for use in public spaces such as the gym, workplace, or the classroom. Frankincense is the perfect addition to Rosemary as it balances it with its sweet + balsamic aroma. It's a great essential oil to support visualisation + overcome times of stress. Perfect for before a good night's sleep . . .
Pick whichever [or all!] sprays + use them everyw'air as I do!

image courtesy of Tomboy Style via Agnes Baddoo