Friday, December 12, 2014


In creating a Holiday gift guide, I most certainly have not forgotten the gentlemen. I actually quite enjoy shopping for men's gifts, which some women find to be daunting sometimes [just as some men find shopping for women to be the same]. Here is a gift guide that will put a grin on the face of any man in your life, from your brother to your bearded beau . . .

1 CANVAS & LEATHER RUCKSACK | This handsome rucksack is the perfect companion for his camping trip . . .
2 PALO SANTO WOOD | The perfect incense of holy wood to make his room or house smell woodsy + like a campfire
3 SFOGLINI BAGEL PASTA | Although he might not admit it, this pasta with the flavor of an "everything" bagel might just become his new obsession
4 FIELD & CAMP SOAP |Keeping with the camping + outdoors trend, this soap will take his inner mountain man back to the campsite
5 LEATHER NOTEBOOK | This beautifully crafted + refillable notebook is the ultimate office + class companion
6 MERINO WOOL BLANKET | To cosy up under at the cabin or the frigid outdoors
7 DOPP KIT | An up cycled kit to keep his grooming products organised
8 WHISKY STONES | To keep his liquor cold + cool at the same time . . .
9 D.S. & DERGA FOR J.CREW | This is such a deep + divine scent—one of my favourite colognes in addition to the classic Burberry London
10 CASHMERE HAT | To keep his head warm throughout the Northeastern winter
11 LEATHER FLASK | A leather  flask for when he wants to sip on some of that whiskey in style . .  .
12 EDC BIKE KIT | An upgrade from the clunky + ugly carabineers that he might be tugging around that also comes with many useful tools . . .  
13 SOLID BRASS MONEY CLIP | To keep his money safe . .