Saturday, December 6, 2014


Tonight, December 6, is full moon in Gemini. This lunation is all about locating expansion, comfort, and energy within the shifts of life. It is about finding reprieve within ourselves. I find that this is a difficult thing to do for most people. It requires a gentle pulling of oneself away into quiet solitude to reflect + subtly gather energies. Although this is meant to be a sweet moment, it can feel like selfish act. Demands of work, family, and life draw themselves into the centre stage of our lives. Yes—these are essential parts of our lives and often bring us energy rather than drain it out of us. However, we need to make it a practise to also tend to our own needs, our physical and energetic bodies. If we do not take care of our own selves, we cannot be there to take care of others. 
This new moon vibrates precisely with these notions of self-care. Adjusting to the waves of life that the New Moon in Gemini emphasises requires us to have the adjusted mindset of being there for ourselves as much as we are there for others. Make peace with and within yourself to make peace peace with the flowing, ebbing shifts of life. Celebrate yourself . . .

Here are some astral insights to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself under the energy of tonight's new moon:

 “The Gemini Full Moon on December 6 is a party Moon. This Full Moon is a brief break from the intense growth and strivingyou have done…”  “The Gemini Full Moon says that it is time to celebrate your life. Celebrate your victories. Even the smallest of accomplishments are worth noting. “When you focus on what is working in your life. This creates a current of positive energy. You are a magnet for good things to flow to you…. “People will want to know your secret for success. In the midst of this chaotic world how are you Always Thriving? You can tell them that it is your attitude for gratitude"

“Real growth is painful at times. Change is the only constant. Growth is optional. “Those who are invested in their personal development are evolving. Squares are a call to action. They represent a turning point in your life. You are changing. Your life, work and relationships are changing“Resistance is futile. Be a change agent. Don’t wait. Initiate. Take action now. Be brave. Take risks. Taking chances can bring you great rewards. “This huge amount of change can be exhausting. Take a moment and catch your breath. Celebrate what you have learned. Celebrate your growth. Celebrate how far you have come. “There is the part of you waiting to be born. You are the one you have been waiting for. You are the savior. Creator works through you and your heart. Step up and be brave. 

[This] Full Moon asks you to hold your beloveds with compassion while releasing any notions of helping, fixing or healing another’s experience
Astral insights gathered by the beautiful Mystic Mama