Tuesday, December 2, 2014


In the hurry of our day-to-day lives, we get sucked into habitual hunching, tensing, and resisting. We pick up that second cup of coffee, run to that next meeting, smile at that stranger, grab lunch with that friend, squeeze in that yoga class, make dinner, and . . .  we’re already climbing back into bed before we know it for yet another day to plow through.
At the wit of a draining day’s end, we realise that our lives have been swallowed whole by our work and by others; we abandon ourselves for the sake of helping others, not realising that we are dishonouring ourselves by brushing our souls off as secondary.
Last weekend I was at my wit’s end as I was plowing through my yoga practice, unconsciously beating myself up physically after a day’s wear of mental exhaustion. Ten minutes in, I paused and collapsed into child’s pose. I had been riding on the last drop of adrenaline left within my body. Having worn off every layer of energy within myself to hand out to others, my body was drained of my self. 
And as I asked for guidance, the Universe shook and vibrated my being in answer with the poem “School Prayer” by Diane Ackerman. The sweet words reminded me to honour my own needs and my soul, and that I cannot be a vessel of love or a ‘healer of misery’ for others if that is not alive within me as my own truth. . .
This week, may your aim be to recognise and honour your needs . . .

image via pinterest, source unknown