Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Those who find me cooking or baking in the kitchen will quickly realise that I am all for making use of scraps. This might entail making mineral-dense bone broth [more on that later] or quick beauty cures. 

One beauty tip I use while I'm in the kitchen involves citrus + oils. I use lemon or lime as well as coconut or olive oil daily. Last night as I was making cooked artichoke bottoms, I used both + made sure to take care of my skin while I was at it . . .

By making an artichoke dish, I was already preparing to nourish my skin internally as artichokes are one of the top skin foods. These woody, fibrous vegetables boosts the skin's luminosity. Artichokes are packed with antioxidants + peptides that fight against free radical formation, improve skin texture, + provide deep nourishment to the tissues. Also, simply take it from the plant itself: artichoke is a winter flower bud . . . how much closer can you get to a beauty food than eating a flower bud? Pretty eats galore!

Vitamins A, B and C as well as calcium and phosphorus in artichokes also make for stronger locks. These vitamins and minerals revive dull + lifeless hair by providing strength + a little bounce! A double skin and hair revision is a perfect antidote in my book for this stripping Winter weather.

Apart from incorporating artichokes in their whole form into your diet, you can also substitute processed sugars or agave nectar for Jerusalem Artichoke Sweetener. I like this one!
Back to the kitchen from my little digression . . . To nourish my skin from the outside as I was cooking last night [so much rhyme!], I used some lemon + olive oil. After I was done juicing the lemon called for the artichokes, I simply rubbed the inside of the lemon on each nail. Once dry, I poured some cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil into the prepared dish + also into a little cup. I soaked my nails in this for five minutes. Quick brightening from the lemons + moisture boost from the olive oil! Best kitchen trick of chic French women + also my beautiful grandmother . . .

Photo courtesy of Kinfolk