Thursday, January 22, 2015


The post-holiday slump is still affecting many people out there and one of the ways it manifests is puffy eyes. We can't hide them, so some sort of remedy is necessary. A tried, true, and well-known trick to de-puff the yes is using old but wet tea bags or cucumber slices. There is another trick up your kitchen apron sleeve though: raw potato slices! Potatoes are perfect for de-puffing the eyes as they are astringent, which means they reduce water retention. The enzyme catalase present in potatoes also work to lighten dark under-eye circles, making potatoes a double-the-cheer winner in my home remedy book!

Easy, peasy: cut two slices of potatoes and place one on each eye. Leave on for 10 minutes as you meditate, listen to music, or take a quick nap. Let the potatoes work their magic and wash the eye area once the time is up!

Extra tip: put your eye cream in the refrigerator—it's not only cooling on application but the colder temperature also reduces puffiness more effectively