Sunday, January 4, 2015


The Cancer FULL MOON on January 4th/5th marks the first full moon of the New Year. This is a period of activation + liberation for those who tune into its vibrations during the increasing shifts that occur with the entrance into a new year. If we are attuned to the Universe + ourselves at this time, balance + great release awaits us from what has bounded us up in the past, especially of emotions . . .

Here are some astral insights to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself under the energy of tonight's new moon:

This Full Moon is actually a Grand Cross Full Moon- which means there are planets in all the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and they are all squaring or opposing each other…”  This brings up crisis points but also the potential for major realization, aha moments and inner or outer shifts in our personal lives, relationships, home/family situations and career or life purpose. 

We can use this Full Moon to get clarity on where we are holding on and what we need to let go of- and because the Full Moon is in emotional Cancer part of what we need to let go of is our emotional attachment to the past

With Sirius on the Grand Cross Full Moon, we have amazing opportunities to access Higher Wisdom and Higher Love- all we have to do is be open and receptive to it this week. Uranus on the South Node points to our ability to break free from karmic patterns and the past- but it also points to our addiction to the past and the strength and courage it will take for us to break free. A Sun-Pluto conjunction activates a deep, deep drive for total renewal. And any outbursts of raw energy brought on by the cardinal big squeeze can be cathartic, and freeing

We again find ourselves at a crossroads of consciousness. Will we revert back to our old ways of thinking and doing or will we step into our power and actually create the life we crave?” This Cancer Full Moon wants us to pay attention to our real needs and passions.  This potent combination says that the choice is ours—will we align with our soul’s purpose or continue to sleep-walk through life as a servant of patriarchy and corporate consumerism? It is a wake-up call—don’t sleep through it!

photo via Dragontrees, astral insights via Mystic Mama