Tuesday, January 20, 2015


January 20 marks the first SuperMoon New Moon in Aquarius of 2015 and it is super potent! Although I am quite sensitive to these changes, this new moon has been shaking me up + stirring up deep emotions. Many untapped memories, blocks, and, honestly, lies I have been telling myself have been surfacing within for me as of lately. I had been subconsciously aware of them but had been shrugging my shoulders or shutting my eyes. With the culmination of over-boiled feelings, I feel deeply connected with tonight's moon + welcome its guidance with arms + heart wide open—why don't you join me . . .

As the first SuperMoon of the year, this New Moon is a period of new beginnings. So is the beginning of a new semester, as today marks the first day of classes for many. Here's to setting a grounding, supportive, + honest tone to our new beginnings with these astral insights. Let's LISTEN . . .

This presents the challenge to persevere in the face of the unknown, in the face of fearIn order to find our place in the world and the universe, we have to take some risks. It isn’t always easy, but the rewards are worth the challenges. To be true to ourselves sometimes requires that we make other people or even ourselves uncomfortable. There is no getting around that fact.
We are creatures of comfort and we like predictable routines. But those routines so often cause stagnation and prevent us from moving forward…” There is a very personal, paradigmatic shift approaching for each of us with this lunation. Can we defy our fears to see what’s behind the veil of our illusions? Can we trust the universe enough to provide us with the experiences most needed to further our evolutionary growth?
[This] represents our ability to radically and suddenly break free from the past, but it also shows our addictions to impulsivity, restlessness and even conflict as a means to deal with situations that are calling for more grace, harmony, compromise and collaboration.

This New Moon almost reminds me of a turnstile. We are moving away from one thing and moving towards another- but the New Moon itself is that space in between where we moving through the turnstile, but not quite through it just yet. Turnstiles are interesting because once you fully get through them they block you from reentering the place you just came through.
“And that is the most potent potential of this New Moon. Major new beginnings, predicated by major endings/ cleansings / completions. And once we fully get through that turnstile- there is no looking back. So think wisely, act consciously, and set masterful intentions with this New Moon!
From the astrologers Chad Woodward + Divine Harmony respectively, from the always magical Mystic Mama