Monday, January 12, 2015


Truth bomb: I have not sat down for my daily meditation in two days. That is something that would have made me feel very uncomfortable in the past as, for those who know me well, I am a creature of habit + my daily 11 minute meditation is a priority. I came to realise, however, that I can make the time to 'informally' meditate on days when it seems like an ideal meditation is somehow out-of-reach. There are just some days when I am overwhelmed by the thought of sitting down for my regular meditation. It seems counterintuitive, but the mind is complex + I am only human. I have made peace with myself about this struggle.

So, on such days, I simply take a minute or two to close my eyes before I begin my work. I don't attempt to make it fancy or structured—I simply let my mind be . . . If my mind wanders, I let it wander then circle back to my centre. I allow my whole being to simply surrender. Longer meditations can sometimes get in the way of that letting-go with the structure of a given time. I just allow my mind to guide me towards what it needs + for how long. 

Try this simple meditation this week + begin to see the deep healing that arises when your heart guides your meditation rather than your watch . . .