Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This smack is one that I personally have been adamant about practising myself recently as I have become even more aware of my self-talk. Emotions have always been a difficult topic for me; I am an utterly sensitive soul. I consequently often find myself feeling vulnerable, disconnected, or misunderstood. My internal talk in these situations is always "I am unheard," or its related varying feelings of anger, scared, or frustrated. 

This generally leads to retraction or its complete opposite of a deep but tearing conversation that touches upon tangential issues or feelings. Rather than creating a deeper understanding of the leveled complexity of emotions, these tangents do not resolve the issue at hand and thus imprint yet another traumatic understanding of our emotions. They become repeatedly seen as undervalued, impossible to understand, + blocking connexions with others. 

This week, I urge you to listen to these negative feelings if and when they emerge + be completely present with them. Acknowledge + greet your emotions rather than allowing yourself to be stricken in paralysis of past experiences or habitual reactions. Greet your anger, your sadness, your defenses. Attempt to locate its origin. This will allow you to not only gain a deeper understanding of your reactions but also value your negative emotions + forgive yourself for having them. Subsequently, you will be able to lift your own emotional wall that previously blocked you from seeing the other's. 

Everyone has their own narrative that causes deeply imprinted habitual emotional reactions. Let's take the sweet time to listen to our stories so we can lend an empathetic ear to those of others . . .