Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Double the cleansing power, double the fun! 
There are a few parts of my beauty routine that I thoroughly enjoy as much as washing my face. There's something deeply meditative and even cathartic about it—all of the day's worries, anger, + irrelevancies forming into innocent little sudsy bubbles + drowning away in the sink . . .
So, when I first heard about double-cleansing two years ago, I was all ears! This practise is not news like the no 'poo movement; it has been around for ages within the skin care routine of Japanese women. The initial cleansing is to remove the base layer of make-up, dirt, + debris while the second cleansing gives a squeaky clean deep pore finish.

There are definitely some potential drawbacks to this method, though, if you have extremely dry skin or as the colder months arrive: it can be moisture-stripping for some. If you do use a balancing moisturiser, however, and make sure to switch to a heavier duty one during Winter, you could certainly give double-cleansing a go!
Have you ever tried double cleansing? What are your thoughts?