Friday, January 2, 2015


Dirty hair? Clean it up with Lulu Organics! 

Although I swear by washing my hair every other day to prevent frizzy hair + dryness, even that can sometimes be a little drying. After all, my hairdresser does recommend every two days. Waiting that long, however, seems like a lifetime for me as I used to enjoy washing my hair every day [when I had not realised its affect on frizziness]

In comes dry shampoo on that second day. I have tried many dry shampoos in the past but nothing beats Lulu Organics's teensy but potent little travel-sized hair powders. Apart from their beautiful little design that makes me feel like the goddess that adorns their containers, these hair powders smell absolutely divine! I want to pouf it up in the room like Marie Antoinette but then I would look like this . . .

 Although I do enjoy even strongly scented lavender products, the scents here are subtle unlike many perfume-esque gamut of dry shampoos I have come across. It's just enough to have a little aromatherapeutic experience with the natural essential oils these blends contain. 

The ingredients that power these products are baking soda + corn starch that work to absorb excess oils. Rice powder is also added to detangle your not-so-Queen B I woke up like this hair while soothing the scalp. White clay and horsetail powder rich in silica also stimulate hair growth + strength while simultaneously providing moisture for your dry locks. Two claps and a cheer for prim + proper hair! 

Although I have not purchased the full-sized version yet, the travel-size for me is the perfect amount as I don't use dry shampoo every day and consequently, it lasts months. It's the perfect go-to to tame anything from oiliness or disastrous blowouts!

Get yours at Spirit Beauty Lounge or directly at the Lulu Organics website . . .