Friday, February 27, 2015


M O O N  J U I C E  B E A U T Y  T O N I C |  I am over the moon about this ancient empiric beauty tonic. A cosmic concoction of wild-crafted Chinese herbs, adaptogenic plants, + bioactive minerals, selected carefully by herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas. It works deeply yet subtly to expand your already present beauty, tone, + firm skin tissue. This power potion contains pearl powder, goji, schizandra, rehmannia, + is sweetened with low-glycemic sweeteners of lo han go + stevia. 

PEARL POWDER is one of the most precious beauty tools in my medicine cabinet. It contains all bio-active constituents of pearl + is rich in minerals and amino acids that make it an anti-aging powerhouse.It's also a shen stabiliser, working to support + elevate mood. It has high concentrations of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, + silicon. It also uniquely has Mucopolysaccharides, which work is a potent anti-wrinkle agent + works to enhance libido that naturally begins to decline with aging. 

GOJI + SCHIZANDRA are berries that have long been considered Asia's superfoods for longevity for their youth preserving, vitality enhancing, + strengthening properties. They're also super-antioxidants that deeply support the elimination of free radicals and overload of environmental toxins. Schizandra is especially a treasure in this formulation as it is touted as the "herb that does it all," providing tone for all three treasures, entering all 12 meridians, + nurturing all five elements of Chinese Medicine.

REHMANNIA provides beauty through its profound restorative properties in tissue, muscle, + bone construction. It heals + repairs damaged bone, wasted muscles, + heals skin tissue. It also aids the body in its removal of impediments + accumulations, making it a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying tonic herb. 

I either sip on the tonic throughout the day or mix a teaspoon of the dust into warm homemade nut mylk [pumpkin seed or hemp for increased beauty-supporting omega-3s] at night . . .
MORNING | Imbibe, as I do, in the morning for inner + outer radiance, synergistic hydration of your cell membranes, + to shine like that half forgotten sun behind wintry clouds
NIGHT | Sip + slip into sweet slumber that helps your beauty shoot for the stars . . .

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


makers + movers is a series that feature makers of clean products of integrity, thought, + passion which then move the world towards a higher consciousness . . . 
first came across Isa's beautiful line while browsing the equally beautiful selection of beauty products at Catbird nyc. I and my inner little fairy was pretty taken to say the least with concoctions like Love potion + lilac rouge, both of which I had appropriately included in my Valentine's Day gift guide.So, I was so honoured to connect further with Isa, indulge in her latest creations, + hear the story behind her line. She crafts each batch of her balms, lotions, + potions with a loving touch that infuses itself into the products just as her foraged herbs infuse into her sun-drenched oils. The result is liquid gold poured into her recent balms that envelop your skin in a day-glow. My skin has been been feeling more moisturised using my current favourite Blue Beauty Balm despite the the colder, stripping temperatures. It's so deeply restorative with oils such as sesame which, in Ayurvedic traditional medicine, is the ultimate oil for the windy, cold constitution of vata such as mine. The Immortelle Beauty Balm is equally healing for the skin although my uber sensitive skin sometimes gets irritated easily by jojoba oil, so I don't use it as often. This would be a great balm though for mature skin as it has regenerative oils borage, argan, + rosehip that are potent wrinkle-reducers. 

ISA BRITO, OWNER AT ISA'S RESTORATIVES | hand-crafted in brooklyn, ny

Q: Tell me a little about you + what inspired you to start Isa's Restoratives
My mother while baking a cake would sometimes put a little dollop of butter and a bit of sugar in my hand and say: rub your hands and feet for two minutes and rinse, tell me how it feels. Hand and feet scrub! I always played with natural ingredients at home, making my own products on the spot, but it wasn’t until my daughter started showing interest in products that I started taking it more seriously, with my herbalism background being the foundation of the formulas.
Q: How long did it take for you to craft your products to the state they are in now? What was the experience like for you?
It was very organic process. I made a moisturizer and then the toners, and as my private clients needs were revealed to me, I started formulating with the infrmation that people were interested in products that were also therapeutic.

Q: Do you have a ritual for making your products?
I like to work alone. And I usually like to spend my morning doing research and marketing. And in the afternoon I work in my studio, fulfilling orders and creating new formulas.
Q: When you are not working on your line, what else do you like to do?
I enjoy playing chess with my friends. I love cooking, baking and playing with fermentation. Recently, I started dying fabric with indigo using shibori methods, it’s a lot of fun and I am already expanding to other plants such as poke berry, nettles, and turmeric that all yield lovely hues.

Q: What keeps you going? Do you have a daily routine or a mantra?
The many possibilities keep me going. There are so many fascinating plants, oils, butters, clays, salts to work with, I love listening to people tell me what their needs are in terms of skin care and trying to address them.

Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that fuel your creative process?
I love organic raw nuts, dark chocolate on occasion, and herby snacks such as nettles muffins. And infusions: I love drinking nourishing herbal infusions such as red raspberry, nettles and oat straw.
Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?
Exercise, organic balanced clean diet, and stress management.

Q: What would be an ideal day for you?
The ideal day for me would start with a lingering breakfast with my boyfriend on a summer weekend by the beach, followed by a walk to forage wild roses, mullein, raspberry leaves, yarrow, etc. Then a home cooked fresh local fish and salad for lunch. Work during the afternoon processing the foraged goods, followed by a late afternoon swim, and dinner in the garden under the starts. I do all my reading at night.
Q: Besides your divine products, what do you do or use to keep your skin beautiful? What is your beauty routine?
I adore facial balms. I presently have three on my website, but I am constantly working on new formulas. When formulated well, they are very nourishing and therapeutic, especially when the selected ingredients possess anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and anti-oxidant properties. I use the Blue Beauty Balm after a simple cold-water splash in the morning. 
At night I may use either a detoxifying mask or a nourishing mask depending how I am feeling and often I use a cleansing oil or a scrub before using my favorite night balm: the Immortelle Beauty Balm. My Blue Chamomile Face Cream is my loyal beauty ally. As for other brands, I love Josh Rosebrook’s hair products. His skin care items are also lovely.
Q: What are your g-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet?
There are a lot different things in my medicine cabinet: I’d say hundreds. As an herbalist, I pay attention to each individual client and addressing the condition in a holistic fashion. But for myself, I go for immune system support with herbs such as Astragalus, or adaptogens such as Eleuthero as a preventive daily ally. For colds and most infections, I usually attack with lots of Echinacea tincture and Elderberry syrup.

Q: What is your next big vision for Isa's Restoratives?
There is definitely a plan to grow and refine the collection. I have visions, but will for the moment keep it as a surprise!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Monk Oil is handmade in Brooklyn, under the magnetising light of full and new moons, + harmonised with rose quartz crystals. The only thing it could be missing is a sprinkle of fairy dust. It makes my hippie little heart go hip!hip!hooray!
This divine oil was born out of  Monika Stanislawek and Katherine Ryan Roth's desire to protect the integrity + peace within our inner-beings situated in a body navigating the chaos of city life [and the Age of Aquarius].  It soothes the mind, focuses it to a still-point, + energises the subtle body in a protective shield of pure aromatherapeutic bliss.
The organic avocado + apricot kernel oils nourish, hydrate, + soften the skin. Yarrow Environmental Solution Flower Essence "protects against toxic environmental influences + other hazards of modern life"—I pretty much feel enveloped by a flowery shield of petals . . .
The earthy cedar + lavender essential oils provide for grounding + focus while organic rose otto harmonises + uplifts even the sunken mood that you swear is due to the S.A.D. you've developed from the snow
This oil gives me hope that Spring is just around the bend [of mountainous snow] . . .
photo courtesy of beautiful dreamers

Friday, February 20, 2015


Yes, snow has gotten us buried in white over here in New England. Everything is white. Everything is sand + salt. Limbs are frosty, toes feel like frozen peas. The sun really feels 92,960,000 miles away, or in another distant galaxy in world where we used to bask in its warm glory. I think I remember Summer, then I see the weather forecast and it clouds my memory. More snow?

Despite how incredibly unbelievable it is, the sun is still shining its rays behind that cloud that's behind that one and the other one . . . This ultimately means that we still need to make it a priority to protect our skin from its damaging rays like the lucky [beep] in the glorious West coast do. Summer or winter, l'autumne ou printemps, I slather on sunscreen on my face in the morning. Here are my recommendations for a clean sunscreen that will also keep your face clear [no pore-clogging dirty lotions that leave your face looking like a Coopertone  water baby bum] . . .

living libations everybody loves the sun |I am a worshipper of any product that Nadine + Ron so lovingly create. Their products just vibrate with the love the pour into each product. This sunscreen is just as lovingly made with zinc oxide, jojoba oil, + coconut oil [a natural sunscreen—what can't coconut oil do?]. It also contains the essential oils of Helichrysum, Lavender and Cape Chamomile to restore vitality to the skin.
josh rosebrook nutrient day cream spf 30 |just like any other josh rosebrook product, this one is liquid gold. This super lightweight cream is a powerful concoction packed with healing + regenerative plant oils and extracts while protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays. A luxurious yet simple way to get sunscreen into your routine . . .
raw elements eco formula 30+ |a definite go-to in the sea-drenched summery days on the  beach, this sunscreen provides over 80 minutes of water-resistant defense + is packed with bio-available vitamins, minerals, + antioxidants to simultaneously nourish your skin.
nine naturals spf 32 |crafted with only eight natural + organic ingredients, this is a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen that is safe for even glowing pregnant mamas-to-be to use. It also contains Jojoba oil + sea butter to provide dual-action moisture.
badger sport suncreen spf 35 |this is the sunscreen I have been using for the past year + I love it! Badger has so many other wonderful + gentle products [dreamy rose oil, sleep balm, . . .] and this sunscreen is no exception. It's very thick, so you only need less than a dime-sized dollop, which makes it last a long time. I mix it in with a balm or face oil in the morning. 

pacific everyday sheer coverage |if you skimp on sunscreen because of your makeup, no more excuses! This tinted sunscreen provides delicate sheer coverage as a base to your makeup + a powerful layer of non-nano zinc oxide to protect your skin. It also contains oat beta glucans that provides anti-aging regenerative power + pearl powder for brightening.
hurraw sun protection lip balm |Let's not forget those little puckers—we have to protect our lips, too. I love all of Hurraw's lip balms that are completely raw + vegan to boot! 
suntegrity 5-in-1 tinted sunscreen |a mineral-based sunscreen that is cruelty-free that functions as a primer, sunscreen, and moisturiser! I think I might have saved the best for last . . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We wander, tilt, + shift between cutting polar ends of the emotional spectrum. Caught in a small talk, we either mutter out our unhappy states in a deep haze of work or exclaim  mechanically "I'm good"s and "How do you do?"s through smiles that disappear behind backs. We either retract into our work then into ourselves or pretend we are happily floating above it all.

This is not to be morbid—I am not denying the beauty, ecstasy, pure pleasure + purity we experience in our day-to-day lives. The sun warmingly creeps in through the window looking at at the snow, we awaken from a sweet slumber, or our mama calls. There are earthshakingly beautiful small moments amidst the journey. 

We often get stuck, however, in the chaos of our daily lives and spiral into its rabbit hole of fear. Whether we succumb to a state of paralysis or veil our fears beneath a smile, we nonetheless broadcast its energies. 

Let's clearly connect to our worries this week—weed through, recognise, + speak to them. Inquire within. Let's be more aware of how what we utter or how we act differs from our inner narratives. Tell on yourself, point your finger at your fears, + get to work on untangling the mesh that you have veiled it with. 

Let's work on uncovering our love by dissolving our fears . . .

Image courtesy of the magnificent Laina Brides

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Despite how much moisturiser we put on our skin or hydrating herbal teas we sip on, our skin can get dehydrated sometimes with the stripping cold weather. I have recently come to realise that the constant snowstorms have not only affected my sanity [all I see is mountains + mountains + mountains of white!] but my skin doesn't seem too happy either. 

To save my skin during these harsh wintry conditions, I make a velvety concoction that I use as a gentle milk to cleanse my skin in the morning + ask a mask at night. This delectable creation takes my skincare routine to a new zenith of indulgence. I wake up to its delectable scent + am swept into sleep in its silky haze . . .

raw manuka honey | antibacterial  soothing  moisturising  healing  
rose absolute oil | hydrating  anti-aging  antiseptic • mild astringent 
raw + organic coconut oil | ultimate moisture + antibacterial powerhouse

I will be honest: I rarely ever measure anything when I whip up this little concoction. I am deeply intuitive when I create anything +  usually don't like to measure these things out. So, feel the measurements out. I usually put in about three tablespoons of raw manuka honey [which I have written about here] per tablespoon of coconut oil +  a tiny drop of rose oil. I mix them all into a dreamy cream + pour some loving words into it. Gently scoop some out, apply liberally on your face, + tantalize your senses with its aromatherapeutic effects in the meantime. Leave it on for twenty minutes as you read, meditate, or have a dance party! Wash + glow!

photo courtesy of kinfolk

Monday, February 9, 2015


This February is already emanating with love with the Full Moon on Leo's push for a courageous + clear heart. Valentine's Day only elevates these loving vibrations to a whole new cosmic level. I have compiled a collection of dainty wears, tantalising scents, euphoric chocolates, + pampering provisions for a rosy little day of romance . . .

Let's get high on the ecstatic vibrations of love—take that, make that whatever your little heart desires! Love your partner, love your mama, love yourself, love your cells . . .

holy smokes incense |this incense is one of the smokiest, deepest, most beautiful incense that I have come across—perfect to set the mood . . .
vered le chocolate citrus face scrub |I can't think of a scrub more appropriate than one that smells of chocolate. The vered scrub contains essential oils such as grapefruit + lemongrass that detoxify the pores, deeply cleanses the skin, + stabilises sebum production as it gently exfoliates the skin [as you salivate like Pavlov's dog for some chocolate . . .]
may lindstrom honey mud mask |one of the most incredibly indulgent masks possibly ever, this honey mud mask does it all. The white halloysite clay draws out impurities, colloidal silver acts as an agent against acne-causing bacteria, + intoxicating honey softens and hydrates the skin. A delectable little treat for your skin . . .
odacité rose geranium serum concentrate |A velvety perfection of a serum with rose absolute to hydrate your skin + give it a rosy, dewy glow!
herbivore botanicals beard tonicMen need skincare lovin', too! This beard tonic provides a healthy looking beard while simultaneously providing moisture to the skin
acqua nail polish remover |take off that chipped toxic nail polish filled with endocrine system disruptors 
kure nail polish |and put on this nail polish that is made up of ingredients of natural origin like potatoes + cotton! 

catbird cat eye mask |a little kitten mask, because why not?!
loup charmant aspen robe |soft, subtly sexy, + luxurious, worn with tousled hair + a dab of perfume oil
loup charmant shortie dress |a flowing silhouette + low cut back to make you feel like a mythical siren 
isa's restorative lilac rouge |perfectly rouged rosy lips, but it won't stay on for too long . . .
isa's restorative love potion |a tantalising rosy-mauve elixir 

sex dust |mix a teaspoon of this potion into warm homemade pumpkin seed milk [which supports libido + the reproductive system] to get the blood rushing to all the right places . . .
alexis smart in love flower remedy |to fill your little heart with more love for yourself + everyone you interact with, deepen your precious relationships, + attract new healthy ones . . .
zen bunni lavender lemuria bar |a delicious treat for a cosmic experience! This Zen Bunni bar's magical biodynamic lavender is sourced from an enchanting farm in Northern California that has been cultivated for decades on holy Native American land.
the conscious tree amorous rose bar |I have been absolutely over the moon about Caitlyn's chocolate bars that she so lovingly makes—sings to them, charges them with pure positive energy, + handcrafts each and every batch. This rose one would not disappoint . . .
anandamide magical maca bar |I went on a trip + felt every single atom in my body do a happy dance when I first had this chocolate. The aphrodisiac maca would take you dancing on a different journey this Valentine's Day
hu kitchen salty bar |You just cannot go wrong with chocolate + high quality salt
gnosis berry rose bar |this bar has extracts of damiana + passionflower which work to tone the central nervous system, combat stress, and to stimulate sexual function
raw rasperry rose cream truffles |if you do feel up for lovingly making some homemade truffles, this recipe is it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Ashitaba is a type of angelica that has its roots in traditional Japanese Folk Medicine + a special place in my holistic medicine cabinet. Known as the "Longevity Herb," it is widely consumed in Japan for its deeply healing + regenerative properties. It is also considered to be the King of Alkaline + touted to be one of the most alkalinising herbal agents. 

It has over fifty documented benefits that have been researched in Japan, China, + Indonesia. Some of the most profound ones that I have experienced is the elevation of my mood, stabilisation of my energy levels, the glow of my skin, + improvement of my digestive health. The last is predominantly due to another benefit of Ashitaba, which is that it is one of the rare plant-based, whole food sources of vitamins b6 + b12. 

This tonic herb is a deeply healing herb as well for women as it's deeply nourishing for the reproductive system. According to Chinese Medicine, it also activates the qi, soothes kidney yin, activates the blood, + supports the liver, gallbladder, + spleen meridians that take the toll of our stressful lives.

Ashitaba is a beautiful tonic herb to prepare in the month of February to send some loving vibes to our bodies as women. I love adding two grams of Ashitaba to my tea or tonics, sip, + nourish my cells . . .

Photo + the incredible, sustainably-sourced Ashitaba via one of my favourite companies, Sun Potion

Monday, February 2, 2015


I like to welcome the beginning of each month with a clear heart, an open mind, + a clean space. I recharge my inner channels + declutter my mind as well as my room effectively with one thing: palo santo wood

I'm sure you have seen it frequently make an appearance over on my instagram account, propped peacefully next to a cosy blanket, journal, or some high vibrational crystals. I am over the moon to say the least about these wooden sticks [also known as "holy wood"] that have been used for centuries by indigenous Amazonians for healing purposes. It's also deeply beneficial for alleviating headaches, hangovers, asthma, arthritis, and even adding off mosquitos.

When lit, palo santo emits a magical scent that is reminiscent of nights camping outside on rain-lush mama earth + crackling fire. It burns slowly, enveloping and elevating the energies of our subtle bodies + cleansing our living spaces. A beautiful way to begin any month under the moon . . .