Friday, February 27, 2015


M O O N  J U I C E  B E A U T Y  T O N I C |  I am over the moon about this ancient empiric beauty tonic. A cosmic concoction of wild-crafted Chinese herbs, adaptogenic plants, + bioactive minerals, selected carefully by herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas. It works deeply yet subtly to expand your already present beauty, tone, + firm skin tissue. This power potion contains pearl powder, goji, schizandra, rehmannia, + is sweetened with low-glycemic sweeteners of lo han go + stevia. 

PEARL POWDER is one of the most precious beauty tools in my medicine cabinet. It contains all bio-active constituents of pearl + is rich in minerals and amino acids that make it an anti-aging powerhouse.It's also a shen stabiliser, working to support + elevate mood. It has high concentrations of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, + silicon. It also uniquely has Mucopolysaccharides, which work is a potent anti-wrinkle agent + works to enhance libido that naturally begins to decline with aging. 

GOJI + SCHIZANDRA are berries that have long been considered Asia's superfoods for longevity for their youth preserving, vitality enhancing, + strengthening properties. They're also super-antioxidants that deeply support the elimination of free radicals and overload of environmental toxins. Schizandra is especially a treasure in this formulation as it is touted as the "herb that does it all," providing tone for all three treasures, entering all 12 meridians, + nurturing all five elements of Chinese Medicine.

REHMANNIA provides beauty through its profound restorative properties in tissue, muscle, + bone construction. It heals + repairs damaged bone, wasted muscles, + heals skin tissue. It also aids the body in its removal of impediments + accumulations, making it a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying tonic herb. 

I either sip on the tonic throughout the day or mix a teaspoon of the dust into warm homemade nut mylk [pumpkin seed or hemp for increased beauty-supporting omega-3s] at night . . .
MORNING | Imbibe, as I do, in the morning for inner + outer radiance, synergistic hydration of your cell membranes, + to shine like that half forgotten sun behind wintry clouds
NIGHT | Sip + slip into sweet slumber that helps your beauty shoot for the stars . . .