Thursday, February 12, 2015


Despite how much moisturiser we put on our skin or hydrating herbal teas we sip on, our skin can get dehydrated sometimes with the stripping cold weather. I have recently come to realise that the constant snowstorms have not only affected my sanity [all I see is mountains + mountains + mountains of white!] but my skin doesn't seem too happy either. 

To save my skin during these harsh wintry conditions, I make a velvety concoction that I use as a gentle milk to cleanse my skin in the morning + ask a mask at night. This delectable creation takes my skincare routine to a new zenith of indulgence. I wake up to its delectable scent + am swept into sleep in its silky haze . . .

raw manuka honey | antibacterial  soothing  moisturising  healing  
rose absolute oil | hydrating  anti-aging  antiseptic • mild astringent 
raw + organic coconut oil | ultimate moisture + antibacterial powerhouse

I will be honest: I rarely ever measure anything when I whip up this little concoction. I am deeply intuitive when I create anything +  usually don't like to measure these things out. So, feel the measurements out. I usually put in about three tablespoons of raw manuka honey [which I have written about here] per tablespoon of coconut oil +  a tiny drop of rose oil. I mix them all into a dreamy cream + pour some loving words into it. Gently scoop some out, apply liberally on your face, + tantalize your senses with its aromatherapeutic effects in the meantime. Leave it on for twenty minutes as you read, meditate, or have a dance party! Wash + glow!

photo courtesy of kinfolk