Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Ashitaba is a type of angelica that has its roots in traditional Japanese Folk Medicine + a special place in my holistic medicine cabinet. Known as the "Longevity Herb," it is widely consumed in Japan for its deeply healing + regenerative properties. It is also considered to be the King of Alkaline + touted to be one of the most alkalinising herbal agents. 

It has over fifty documented benefits that have been researched in Japan, China, + Indonesia. Some of the most profound ones that I have experienced is the elevation of my mood, stabilisation of my energy levels, the glow of my skin, + improvement of my digestive health. The last is predominantly due to another benefit of Ashitaba, which is that it is one of the rare plant-based, whole food sources of vitamins b6 + b12. 

This tonic herb is a deeply healing herb as well for women as it's deeply nourishing for the reproductive system. According to Chinese Medicine, it also activates the qi, soothes kidney yin, activates the blood, + supports the liver, gallbladder, + spleen meridians that take the toll of our stressful lives.

Ashitaba is a beautiful tonic herb to prepare in the month of February to send some loving vibes to our bodies as women. I love adding two grams of Ashitaba to my tea or tonics, sip, + nourish my cells . . .

Photo + the incredible, sustainably-sourced Ashitaba via one of my favourite companies, Sun Potion