Sunday, February 22, 2015


Monk Oil is handmade in Brooklyn, under the magnetising light of full and new moons, + harmonised with rose quartz crystals. The only thing it could be missing is a sprinkle of fairy dust. It makes my hippie little heart go hip!hip!hooray!
This divine oil was born out of  Monika Stanislawek and Katherine Ryan Roth's desire to protect the integrity + peace within our inner-beings situated in a body navigating the chaos of city life [and the Age of Aquarius].  It soothes the mind, focuses it to a still-point, + energises the subtle body in a protective shield of pure aromatherapeutic bliss.
The organic avocado + apricot kernel oils nourish, hydrate, + soften the skin. Yarrow Environmental Solution Flower Essence "protects against toxic environmental influences + other hazards of modern life"—I pretty much feel enveloped by a flowery shield of petals . . .
The earthy cedar + lavender essential oils provide for grounding + focus while organic rose otto harmonises + uplifts even the sunken mood that you swear is due to the S.A.D. you've developed from the snow
This oil gives me hope that Spring is just around the bend [of mountainous snow] . . .
photo courtesy of beautiful dreamers