Friday, February 20, 2015


Yes, snow has gotten us buried in white over here in New England. Everything is white. Everything is sand + salt. Limbs are frosty, toes feel like frozen peas. The sun really feels 92,960,000 miles away, or in another distant galaxy in world where we used to bask in its warm glory. I think I remember Summer, then I see the weather forecast and it clouds my memory. More snow?

Despite how incredibly unbelievable it is, the sun is still shining its rays behind that cloud that's behind that one and the other one . . . This ultimately means that we still need to make it a priority to protect our skin from its damaging rays like the lucky [beep] in the glorious West coast do. Summer or winter, l'autumne ou printemps, I slather on sunscreen on my face in the morning. Here are my recommendations for a clean sunscreen that will also keep your face clear [no pore-clogging dirty lotions that leave your face looking like a Coopertone  water baby bum] . . .

living libations everybody loves the sun |I am a worshipper of any product that Nadine + Ron so lovingly create. Their products just vibrate with the love the pour into each product. This sunscreen is just as lovingly made with zinc oxide, jojoba oil, + coconut oil [a natural sunscreen—what can't coconut oil do?]. It also contains the essential oils of Helichrysum, Lavender and Cape Chamomile to restore vitality to the skin.
josh rosebrook nutrient day cream spf 30 |just like any other josh rosebrook product, this one is liquid gold. This super lightweight cream is a powerful concoction packed with healing + regenerative plant oils and extracts while protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays. A luxurious yet simple way to get sunscreen into your routine . . .
raw elements eco formula 30+ |a definite go-to in the sea-drenched summery days on the  beach, this sunscreen provides over 80 minutes of water-resistant defense + is packed with bio-available vitamins, minerals, + antioxidants to simultaneously nourish your skin.
nine naturals spf 32 |crafted with only eight natural + organic ingredients, this is a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen that is safe for even glowing pregnant mamas-to-be to use. It also contains Jojoba oil + sea butter to provide dual-action moisture.
badger sport suncreen spf 35 |this is the sunscreen I have been using for the past year + I love it! Badger has so many other wonderful + gentle products [dreamy rose oil, sleep balm, . . .] and this sunscreen is no exception. It's very thick, so you only need less than a dime-sized dollop, which makes it last a long time. I mix it in with a balm or face oil in the morning. 

pacific everyday sheer coverage |if you skimp on sunscreen because of your makeup, no more excuses! This tinted sunscreen provides delicate sheer coverage as a base to your makeup + a powerful layer of non-nano zinc oxide to protect your skin. It also contains oat beta glucans that provides anti-aging regenerative power + pearl powder for brightening.
hurraw sun protection lip balm |Let's not forget those little puckers—we have to protect our lips, too. I love all of Hurraw's lip balms that are completely raw + vegan to boot! 
suntegrity 5-in-1 tinted sunscreen |a mineral-based sunscreen that is cruelty-free that functions as a primer, sunscreen, and moisturiser! I think I might have saved the best for last . . .