Monday, February 9, 2015


This February is already emanating with love with the Full Moon on Leo's push for a courageous + clear heart. Valentine's Day only elevates these loving vibrations to a whole new cosmic level. I have compiled a collection of dainty wears, tantalising scents, euphoric chocolates, + pampering provisions for a rosy little day of romance . . .

Let's get high on the ecstatic vibrations of love—take that, make that whatever your little heart desires! Love your partner, love your mama, love yourself, love your cells . . .

holy smokes incense |this incense is one of the smokiest, deepest, most beautiful incense that I have come across—perfect to set the mood . . .
vered le chocolate citrus face scrub |I can't think of a scrub more appropriate than one that smells of chocolate. The vered scrub contains essential oils such as grapefruit + lemongrass that detoxify the pores, deeply cleanses the skin, + stabilises sebum production as it gently exfoliates the skin [as you salivate like Pavlov's dog for some chocolate . . .]
may lindstrom honey mud mask |one of the most incredibly indulgent masks possibly ever, this honey mud mask does it all. The white halloysite clay draws out impurities, colloidal silver acts as an agent against acne-causing bacteria, + intoxicating honey softens and hydrates the skin. A delectable little treat for your skin . . .
odacité rose geranium serum concentrate |A velvety perfection of a serum with rose absolute to hydrate your skin + give it a rosy, dewy glow!
herbivore botanicals beard tonicMen need skincare lovin', too! This beard tonic provides a healthy looking beard while simultaneously providing moisture to the skin
acqua nail polish remover |take off that chipped toxic nail polish filled with endocrine system disruptors 
kure nail polish |and put on this nail polish that is made up of ingredients of natural origin like potatoes + cotton! 

catbird cat eye mask |a little kitten mask, because why not?!
loup charmant aspen robe |soft, subtly sexy, + luxurious, worn with tousled hair + a dab of perfume oil
loup charmant shortie dress |a flowing silhouette + low cut back to make you feel like a mythical siren 
isa's restorative lilac rouge |perfectly rouged rosy lips, but it won't stay on for too long . . .
isa's restorative love potion |a tantalising rosy-mauve elixir 

sex dust |mix a teaspoon of this potion into warm homemade pumpkin seed milk [which supports libido + the reproductive system] to get the blood rushing to all the right places . . .
alexis smart in love flower remedy |to fill your little heart with more love for yourself + everyone you interact with, deepen your precious relationships, + attract new healthy ones . . .
zen bunni lavender lemuria bar |a delicious treat for a cosmic experience! This Zen Bunni bar's magical biodynamic lavender is sourced from an enchanting farm in Northern California that has been cultivated for decades on holy Native American land.
the conscious tree amorous rose bar |I have been absolutely over the moon about Caitlyn's chocolate bars that she so lovingly makes—sings to them, charges them with pure positive energy, + handcrafts each and every batch. This rose one would not disappoint . . .
anandamide magical maca bar |I went on a trip + felt every single atom in my body do a happy dance when I first had this chocolate. The aphrodisiac maca would take you dancing on a different journey this Valentine's Day
hu kitchen salty bar |You just cannot go wrong with chocolate + high quality salt
gnosis berry rose bar |this bar has extracts of damiana + passionflower which work to tone the central nervous system, combat stress, and to stimulate sexual function
raw rasperry rose cream truffles |if you do feel up for lovingly making some homemade truffles, this recipe is it!