Monday, February 2, 2015


I like to welcome the beginning of each month with a clear heart, an open mind, + a clean space. I recharge my inner channels + declutter my mind as well as my room effectively with one thing: palo santo wood

I'm sure you have seen it frequently make an appearance over on my instagram account, propped peacefully next to a cosy blanket, journal, or some high vibrational crystals. I am over the moon to say the least about these wooden sticks [also known as "holy wood"] that have been used for centuries by indigenous Amazonians for healing purposes. It's also deeply beneficial for alleviating headaches, hangovers, asthma, arthritis, and even adding off mosquitos.

When lit, palo santo emits a magical scent that is reminiscent of nights camping outside on rain-lush mama earth + crackling fire. It burns slowly, enveloping and elevating the energies of our subtle bodies + cleansing our living spaces. A beautiful way to begin any month under the moon . . .