Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We wander, tilt, + shift between cutting polar ends of the emotional spectrum. Caught in a small talk, we either mutter out our unhappy states in a deep haze of work or exclaim  mechanically "I'm good"s and "How do you do?"s through smiles that disappear behind backs. We either retract into our work then into ourselves or pretend we are happily floating above it all.

This is not to be morbid—I am not denying the beauty, ecstasy, pure pleasure + purity we experience in our day-to-day lives. The sun warmingly creeps in through the window looking at at the snow, we awaken from a sweet slumber, or our mama calls. There are earthshakingly beautiful small moments amidst the journey. 

We often get stuck, however, in the chaos of our daily lives and spiral into its rabbit hole of fear. Whether we succumb to a state of paralysis or veil our fears beneath a smile, we nonetheless broadcast its energies. 

Let's clearly connect to our worries this week—weed through, recognise, + speak to them. Inquire within. Let's be more aware of how what we utter or how we act differs from our inner narratives. Tell on yourself, point your finger at your fears, + get to work on untangling the mesh that you have veiled it with. 

Let's work on uncovering our love by dissolving our fears . . .

Image courtesy of the magnificent Laina Brides