Friday, March 27, 2015


 have been sipping on this potion every chance I can. It is utter bliss. I want to float amongst its pillows of feather-green foam . . .

ROSE | It's balanced in palate + alchemy with the earthiness of moringa + the floral, soothing effects of rose. Although the rose is cooling, it enhances agni or the digestive fire. This unique quality makes it balancing for all three doshas. 

MORINGA | I fell in love with Moringa about two years ago when I discovered that it gave me a light buzz of energy that I needed without the drawbacks of caffeine. This miracle leaf does so much more, though. It is so packed with bio-available minerals + high levels of vitamins such as vitamin b12, c, d + e that it is used worldwide to combat malnutrition. It has all the essential amino acids as well as phenolics including quercetin + kaempferol, which are potent antioxidants that stabilize blood sugar levels, detox + protect the liver, + promote healthy lipid levels.

PINE POLLEN | A potent aphrodisiac, this adaptogenic tonic medicine is not only a rich source of minerals + vitamins—vitamins a, b, d, e, copper, calcium, + folic acid—but it also assists in whole-body function. It stabilises hormones, regulates weight through supporting metabolism, detoxifies the liver, + promotes endurance + longevity. It also contains over twenty amino acids + all the eight essential amino acids, making it a nourishing complete protein. 

LUCUMA | This is a creamy, low-glycemic sweetener in powder form derived from the lucuma fruit. It tames inflammation by soothing the tissues + muscle fibers and provides a significant dose of minerals + fiber.

1 ½ cups mylk of your choice, I use homemade hemp mylk
1 tablespoon crushed, dried organic rose petals 

1/2 teaspoon Moringa powder
1 teaspoon Lucuma powder
1 teaspoon Pine Pollen
½ teaspoon Beauty Dust
2 teaspoons raw coconut oil or ghee
A sprinkle of Himalayan Pink Salt
drops of stevia to taste [optional]

DIRECTIONS | Gently heat the mylk as you combine all the ingredients in a blender. When the mylk is heated, pout it into the blender with the rest of the ingredients, blend + 'in joy'!