Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I'm a firm believer of the medicinal qualities of chocolate. It's a beauty food, packed with magnesium, antioxidants, + beautifying minerals such as sulfur. When carefully-crafted with selective ingredients + raw, chocolate can take you to higher planes. Having newly re-introduced it into my healing protocol, my nose points up to the heavens as it guides me to bars fit for mythical queens. I have become an unashamed chocolate snob [not that I wasn't since that first taste of Colombian cacao had morphed me into 10-year-old chocolate connoisseur].

I often make my own raw chocolate morsels + have found myself more than once look up at the mirror as I wash my hand to find a painterly streak of cacao on my face. Also unashamed. 

So, with such a bellyful of love for chocolate, I jumped at the opportunity to try Pure7 chocolate lovingly-crafted by Carrie + Julie. These raw chocolate bars feature fair-trade raw cacao + potent additions such as mineralising pink salt + caramely anti-inflammatory raw lucuma that will shoot you to the moon!

These cacao bars are caca-free: no gluten, dairy, soy, or chemicals! It has no refined sugars, no GMOs, no GI-spiking agave—only raw, local honey. There are innumerable benefits of raw honey [for those who tolerate it or include it in their diet] ranging from antimicrobial properties to the antioxidants, unheated/destroyed enzymes, + minerals [including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, + selenium]. These bars also derive their sweetness from lucuma powder, a fiber-rich Incan super fruit that is high in skin-regenerative beta-carotene, oxygenating iron, + has wound-healing anti-inflammatory properties. 

The variety of flavours they offer are flavoured with real food—no Red this or Green that, no numbers, but real organic, freeze-dried raspberries or, one of my absolute favourite fruit, goldenberries. The cacao is so buttery precisely because it's raw, fair-trade, + pure Ecuadorian cacao. 

I'm über adventurous obviously: my favourite bar is the Pure7 dark, but I have yet to try the goldenberry or the peppermint one, so I will pick up the chocolate crumbs + quietly keep on noshing in my chocolatey haze . . .

Take out your capitalist party hat: there is free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter [not that you needed more incentive to order some of these bars]