Friday, March 13, 2015


Chidoriya has been my secret weapon this Winter. Slathering on their golden oils + silky balms has enveloped my skin in its nutrient-dense cocoon. The list of ingredients are legible + short. Tomomi Horikiri was inspired to craft her simple yet magnifying line of skincare when she received an herbal water made by her friend's grandmother as a gift. Her first concoction was an Azuki red bean + brown sugar soap and the rest is a sudsy little dream . . .

The pure silk + rice bran soap is also a velvety delight. Handcrafted through a traditional pour + cure process, it's made in small batches and aged in a unique curing room for a month. This results in the removal of excess alkali from the soap, which is a major cause of irritation for sensitive skin. It's ideal for sensitive skin that has a tendency to also be dry, which happens to be my skin type. 

It's made in a base of oils such as Tennyoko oil, which is Chidoriya's unique blend of soothing oils such as lavender + the peppery antibacterial Chinese maychang oil. As these oils have potent antimicrobial properties, this soap also is suitable for those with acne-prone or hormonal skin. The addition of pure silk powder further prevents skin irritations + blemishes while the komenuka [rice bran] powder nourishes the skin with a dose of vitamins, minerals, + pantothenic acid. Komenuka's natural enzymes also gently dissolve dead skin + heal blemishes. This soap is so gentle that it lathers very little though, so if you prefer suds worthy for a bubbly beard, this soap is probably not the best choice. I have found, however, that it lathers more if I don't wet my face before applying it.

This balm is the most velvety balm I have ever used [!] It's a multipurpose balm that has an earthy + woodsy scent from tension-taming hinoki essential oil that makes for a grounding nightcap facial massage. It's crafted with wild camellia oil, which is the most-treasured oil of Japanese geisha's [silken-skinned queens of beauty!]. It is rich in oleic acid and vitamins A, B, D and E; high in Omega 3, 6 and 9; and contains more naturally-occurring antioxidants than any other plant-derived oil. Combined with the nourishing powerhouse of rosehip seed oil, this balm makes for a perfect facial balm but also perfect for slathering on split ends, cuticles, or dry patches. 

Slightly similar to the hinoki balm with camellia + rosehip seed oils, this cream [or rather butter] is further enriched with shea butter which provides a deep protective layer for dry + undernourished skin. I love this during days that are especially colder + stripping, but it might be a little heavy as we move towards warmer weather.

I am in love with the rosy scent of this oil. It's meant to be a massage + cleansing oil, but as my skin gets irritated by jojoba oil, I simply use this to wipe my eye make-up [as my eye area  does not react to it]. It's the best oil I have used to easily swipe away make-up. You could also put 5 drops into two tablespoons of a carrier oil for a body massage.

This blotting paper is a Japanese face paper or aburotorigami is so high quality that it can be used for beating gold leaf. It goes through the same beating process that leads to maximum activation of its absorptive fibers that are composed of hemp, linen, + Japanese washi paper