Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I have recently been hearing so many people voice their struggles with puffy eyes. This is an expected complaint for those who are lacking in sleep, but there are also the unfortunate bemused ones who get adequate sleep only to wake up with the eyes of a puffer fish.

That's because puffy eyes have a much deeper cause. Swelling of the low lids + upper cheek, especially if it is devoid of pain or discolouration, is a sign of digestive distress + weak digestive fire. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this can be caused by a multitude of things since digestive weakness is often caused by a gradual depletion of Yang energy. However, it is predominantly due to deficiencies in Yang, Spleen, + the Kidney meridians. 

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The spleen energy meridian controls the digestive system + regulated the movement of fluids. Deficient spleen energy consequently results in fluid retention, which then manifests as swelling under the eyes [or a bloated stomach]. As speed energy also rules digestion, it also affects the absorption of nutrients. Inadequate uptake of nutrients or a malnourished diet neither nourishes the body neither the skin. In treating + nurturing the spleen energy, it is therefore crucial to eating a diet that supports this meridian.

The spleen is nourished by comfort foods that taste sweet. This obviously does not mean processed sugar, which actually will further deplete spleen energy, but rather foods such as root vegetables. The spleen also is energised by warmer foods, so a cup of pumpkin soup with warming spices such as cinnamon + mineralising dash of pink salt is deeply healing for the spleen. 

Shifts in the energy of the kidney meridian also can manifest in puffy eyes. It regulates fluids in the body and can lead to yang deficiency if it is weak or depleted. The kidney is also very sensitive to a regularity in schedule, so lack of sleep + poor digestion can weaken its energies. 

energy healing
The kidney meridian also filters the body's toxic energies, so it is not a surprise when it's depleted during times of extreme stress that may manifest in puffy eyes. When the meridian is nourished + energised through energy work or acupressure, it leads to a feeling of clarity + vitality in the body. A way to activate the energies of the kidney meridian is to apply pressure or massage the Wellspring of Life [k-1] points on the bottom of the foot. It relates to the water element and helps in making peace with the flow of life by providing a surge of life force. 

To heal the energies of the spleen meridian, tap right below the breasts + the first rib bone. You can locate these points by placing your fingers on your thymus, moving them down to the breasts, then right below the first rib. Tap on these points for about 15 seconds to harmonise your body's rhythm, hormones, removal of toxins, + to combat chronic fatigue.

herbal remedies
rhodiola |I love absolutely everything the magic-makers at Sun Potion create [if previous posts have not already shown my little enchantment]. This Tibetan Qi tonic herb by them is a potent agent for achieving mental clarity, unleashing creative force, building stamina, strengthening the immune system, + increasing oxygen absorption, all of which aid in combating daily tension.

polyrachis ant |this Traditional Taoist herb is a yang tonic that is considered the "herb of kings" for many reasons. Although Ginseng is the most commonly known + used Qi tonic, polyrachis ant is an even stronger + effective remedy. As it provides direct ATP, its effects are quite immediate, which makes it a great pre-workout fuel. It 'contains the highest levels of Zinc of all organisms' + is a powerful immune system strengthener, superior kidney + liver tonic, + contains Aldehyde Compounds [which is touted to give ants their strength]. And yes, this is actually ants . . .

imperial garden |there is nothing that dragon herbs makes that I do not either love, covet, or have already incorporated into my daily wellness arsenal. This tonic formula is based on the Return to Youth formula, which was developed in the eleventh century. It has the addition of cordyceps, which is a fungi that works deeply as a Jing tonic to restore both Yin + Yang as well as Qi. This formula is the queen, in my opinion, for combatting all the elements that affect puffy eyes as its ingredients also provide support for the Heart, Liver, + Spleen, which all can be affected in function by heavy stress [that people with puffy eyes are often under]. It features Rehmannia ["kidney's own food"], goji berry [yin jing + kidney yin tonic], + cistanche [one of the supreme Yang tonics + a kidney yang tonic]

buddha's yang |another formulation by dragon herbs which contains similar ingredients to imperial garden, buddha's yang is another great concoction to restore kidney yin + yang, qi, + nurture blood.

super yang jing tonic |yang tonic herbs are a great treatment option as they are warming + strengthening for the depleted energies of the bodies of those suffering from puffy eyes. This particular one has a combination of deer antler tips, epimedium, he shou wu, cordyceps [are you seeing a pattern?], red ginseng, + cistanche, which all work together to restore the kidney to its optimum level of function.

cordyceps |moon juice sources the best herbs + this is no exception. If Imperial Garden is not an option for you, I highly suggest adding this to your healing arsenal to nourish your kidney, which governs sexual function, brain power, + the adrenals. 

eucommia bark |another gem by sun potion that is a wild-crafted herb to support the kidneys, musculoskeletal system. + sexual function. It tonifies Kidney Yang + strengthens overall yang in the body while also nourishing the Yin Jing. This double support of both the Yin + Yang consequently make it a great herb for both men + women, especially to support reproductive + sexual health.