Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We love, but . . . 

We often find ourselves as loving + receiving love with strings attached. We pull love apart, squeeze it into a ball, + mould it into questioning shapes. We assess, assume, and attempt to change those we love. 

Thank you, Elena Brower + Erich Schiffmann, for raising a redefinition of love as "a willingness to recognise what is real"—not within our subjective microcosm but in the objective realm, viewed through the lens of an empathetic + clear heart.  This week, let's love without assumptions + love simply through observing . . . 

And to deepen your process, a quote by Amma, which appropriately appeared on my path via the ever so cosmically-aligned Moon Juice [with divine number 11 by its side to awaken me to its shifting questions]:

photo via Pinterest, source unknown