Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This Spiritual Smack is a more so a heartfelt manifestation to awaken the glimmering-eyed child within all of us . . .

AQUAMARINE | I'm deeply connecting to this crystal recently as my memory + heart ebb and flow back to my childhood by the sea, to moments of pure clearance + trust . . . This week, I urge yo to manifest that child-like bliss + a heart as wide open as the waters for yourself + everyone else—the ex who drowned that heart, that customer representative who gave you a hard time, your mama . . .

properties | throat chakra opener   aids in overcoming the fear of speaking one's truth enhances clarity encourages quiet courage open communication gently brings emotional patterns to the surface of recognition allows for the release of negative habits empowers + helps in the recognition that not all power comes through enforcement

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