Monday, March 30, 2015


don't drink coffee, but I have recently been finding myself in a caffeinated-frenzy of rushing thoughts. Ideas! Sparks of inspiration! Glimmers of visions! Beats of blood pound out that are too grand for my heart-space + swerving streams of thoughts too rapid for my mind to wade through.

Swept away + overwhelmed, I was waiting for a lifeboat in a current I chose to jump into.

In the outpour of thoughts, even in the inspired ones, we have to pause. We have to stop to observe, visualise, + drink it in. Taste the bitterness of the doubt + the sweetness of dreams. There is peace in waiting for the Universe to respond to our desires + our manifestations. Waiting for a lifeboat or a cosmic response is not a sign of defeat or lack of action. It is not helplessness. We move forward when we pause. We are able to let go of what pulls us back into our past. We stand in the now, listening, so we can be fully present in the future that we are manifesting.

This week, let's find progress in the pause . . .

photo courtesy of one of my faovurites + the incredibly talented Parker Fitzgerald