Friday, April 17, 2015


I have had such an increase in vitality for the past couple of months + I blame it on the ooey gooey tar-like shilajit that I have been consuming. Shilajit a hand-harvested fulvic acid resin that is gathered from the regions surrounding the Himalayan mountain. It's composed of primordial matter that provides over 85 minerals, trace elements, + over 18 amino acids that optimise the function of + alkalinise the body. Taken with other high-vibrational foods or herbs, this resin + its fulvic acid content increase the bioavailability of nutrients.

It can be taken anytime, but I enjoy it once or twice-a-day [once around mid-morning + later in the evening] as it works with your body's cyclical detoxification + energetic systems. In the morning, it's best taken before food or in between meals + in the evening, I often take it around an hour before I crawl into bed.

Although it can be ingested straight by itself mixd into water, I find it best to avoid that as often as possible because it honestly has quite a foul taste. So, I roll the resin into a pea-sized ball + shoot it back with some alkaline water or mix it into warmed tonics. The recipe below is my favourite night-cap tonic elixir as of late. It provides a gentle detoxification + overall system support during the night. Sometimes I mix the shilajt in + other times I ingest it straight with a sip of tonic for a slow, dreamy drift into sleep . . .

| increased metabolic function / optimised immune system /  reduced inflammation / stabilised mood levels / reduced anxiety / increased mental agility + focus / aphrodisiac / elevated creative + sexual energy / increased vitality + longevity / increased energy + endurance

BEST BRANDS | Natural Shilajit / Pürblack / Authentic Shilajit 
/ Moon juice Shilajit Resin

1/2 teaspoon mucuna pruriens
1 cup alkaline water or gently warmed nut/seed/coconut mylk
Pea-sized ball of shilajit resin | mixed in or swallowed straight
Stevia / coconut sugar / maple syrup / jerusalem artichoke syrup 
/raw honey to taste