Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I would give a load of good karmic energy to anyone who can elaborate the expansive + transformative experience of Kundalini—its energy cannot be encompassed into words. I was first introduced to Kundalini yoga through Kia Miller's classes four years ago. It was very soon after the time I was attuned for Reiki. The energy of this combination washed over me + poured into my whole being. They're now my dominant tools in my healing protocol, which is even more accessible with RA MA.TV.

So, when the RA MA INSTITUTE for Applied Yogic Science + Technology had a Victory programme of 40-days of consecutive Kundalini yoga + meditation, I immediately signed up + signed in to download this Universal flow more frequently into my soul. The premise of this programme was the shifting quote by Yogi Bhajan:

"Whenever you face anything and you don’t have an answer, just call yourself inside and say, “Victory.” Lean on victory. Make it a guide word, make it a precious word. Make it your religion. I don’t know what you are, who you are, why you are. Don’t ask questions. Don’t do your analysis. Don’t try to solve problems. Just utter the word “Victory. ” With just the mental utterance of this word your whole life will change. This is my gift to you…” Yogi Bhajan

At the end of Victory, I felt so recharged that I am continuing on with the kriya that I so deeply connected to: SAT KRIYA. As explained by Kia, a kriya is a series of postures that deliver us to a particular energetic state. It is a complete exercise in and of itself. Sat kriya in particular helps to balance the lower triangle of energies, from the navel down, which is our creative well-spring of energy that [if left unamanged] can dissipate easily. Sat kriya harnesses this life-force of energy, directs it along the pathway of the spine, + activates the higher centers of the brain. It opens us to deeper levels of awareness, sensitivity, and perception to allow us to engage with ourselves, lives, + our surroundings from an elevated space. I invite you to include this into your daily life, notice the elevation, + let me know . . .

I was so moved by my daily integration of this kriya that I not only wanted to share it here on Thirlby but also introduce Guru Jagat, whose work + energy has allowed me to locate profound clearance in my heartspace. Here is her wisdom + musings . . .


Q: How would you define Kundalini yoga to the skeptic-hearted? What would you say to those who dismiss it as hippy hoo-ha?
Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science of revealing what is the inherent chemical constituency of a human being---happiness, compassion, goodness, creativity, and generosity.  I had a very straight shooter of a woman say to me “Yeah I just tell all my vinyasa power yoga type friends—you do all this weird shit with your arms and you’re like ‘what possibly is this doing’ and then after class you FEEL BETTER than you’ve ever felt.”  That cracked me up, because we are in a very result oriented time and culture, and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation delivers efficient, high impact, direct shifts in mood, stamina of body and mind, focus, prosperity, and most importantly you may find that you are HAPPY for no good reason.  Watch out world!
Q: What appealed to you or drew you in the most about Kundalini yoga? What keeps you coming back.
How much energy opens up in SUCH a short amount of time!  

Q: What is a kriya that is very close to your heart + that has had the most profound effect on you?

Addiction Meditation, which is good for ANY area that your are compulsive or hiding from your greatest Self.

Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that nourish your being?
Cultured Ghee 
cultured veggies

Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?

Q: What would be an ideal day for you?
4.00 am Sadhana –Meditation and Yoga 
6.00 am Post Sadhana Nap
7.30 am Dharma Studies
9.00 am Teach
11.00 am Yummy Brunch
1.00 pm Creative Entrepreneuralism Work Time
4.00 pm Rebounder Workout or Pilates
6.00 pm Dinner with my Love
7.00 pm Class with my Spiritual Teacher Harijiwan

Q: What are your go-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet?
Rose Water