Friday, April 24, 2015


This makers + movers is one that is especially close to my heart. I was immediately overcome when I opened my box from La Tierra Sagrada—the sweet energy of Stafani's intention is infused in  + radiate out of her products. These are high-vibrational, healing, + elevational hair potions that are crafted with soothing herbs + the scent of palo santo. Stefani recommends using the medicinal treatment balm every week + on New Moon for extra healing, but I couldn't wait until then. When I used it that very night, I lit the stick of palo santo she so kindly packed alongside + uttered a heartful intention of healing my body as I treat my hair. I applied the oil, soaking each strand in the love + reverence for my body that had dissipated in the years of struggling against it. A spritz of the salt spray + dewy droplets of the jojoba oil, and I dropped into a still space deep within my being.

Stefani touched that space in her sharing of the story behind La Tierra Sagrada. I held my hand on my heart as I read about her push against her autoimmune disorders, which deeply resonated with my own healing journey. The honour I feel in sharing this courageous soul's work leaves my mouth that chippers away with excitement over her products mute. My hair has been transformed. I introduce you to the woman behind the newfound love in my locks, Stefani Padilla . . .

STEFANI PADILLA, LA TIERRA SAGRADA | los angeles, california  
Q: Tell us a little bit about you and what inspired you to start your line.
We are all spiritual beings sent here on a mission. Our journeys through life, some intense, some scary, some painful, get us closer to understanding our soul purpose. La Tierra Sagrada was birthed through a true and tried experience, that has transformed into the hugest blessing.

I lived in New York for 7 years before relocating to the Los Angeles. On the physical realm, I worked as a hairstylist. On the spiritual realm, I worked closely with the plant teachers of the south. Plant medicine has always been a clear guide for me. One reoccurring message was always urging me to leave New York City, but I chose to ignore the message, and stayed. After battling a series of auto immune disorders, the one forcing me to leave, was a debilitating episode of chronic rheumatoid arthritis at age 28. I followed a strict holistic approach to medicine so after being put on heavy medications to help me to walk again, the side effects ended up destroying my system. One of the most intense side effects was losing my hair.

It was in sacred ceremony where La Tierra Sagrada (The Sacred Earth) was conceived. The information was downloaded, and I was told to create this line as a way to heal myself, and share the healing with anyone else who has suffered from hair loss due to disease, medication, stress, etc. I launched the line last January, on behalf of plant medicine, to share the wisdom, protection and healing benefits of these plants with the world. It has been the hugest honor and blessing.

Q: What inspired the name?
The name is in honor of The Sacred Earth, and all of her gifts. Spanish is one of the languages used in southern ceremonial rituals. I use both english and spanish as a means to bridge the medicine of the north and the south.

Q: Do you have a ritual for making/applying your products?
The whole concept of the line is to create a ritual when using the products. I create the products with prayer and ritual, injecting the consciousness of healing.When applied on the hair with the same ritual consciousness, one can only receive that healing energy. I often encourage people to use the Treatment and do a hair ritual once a week, and the night of the new moon every month. This is when it is highly activating.

Q: How long did it take for you to craft your products to the state it is in now? What was that experience like for you?
I created the products a year before launching. I shared with family, friends and clients to witness the effects on all different types of hair. I worked with friends on creating the labels, and the amber bottles are used to create the vibe of when all medicine was plant based. The label is a take on an apothecary line from the 1700s. I enjoyed the experience deeply, because it involved a community of people who helped to create what La Tierra Sagrada is today. There was nothing but support, love and community centered around the creation.

Q: When you are not working on your line, what else do you like to do?
Hair: I love to do hair. It is my special way to connect with others and make them feel beautiful on a physical level // Astrology, I study evolutionary astrology and hold monthly new moon gatherings for a group of women in Los Angeles. // I take my spiritual practices pretty seriously. I come from many different schools/teachings/experiences. Daily, I integrate meditation and Kundalini yoga. I love to connect with Grandmother and all of her elements, for balance, grounding and learning, so I hike, take walks or swim as often as possible. 

Q: What keeps you going? Do you have a daily routine or a mantra?
Meditation, community, and spiritual connections. My mantras change daily. One consistent mantra is the one used in the ritual for making La Tierra Sagrada products. “when we show respect and awe for the trees, flowers, and herbs that populate our planet, we unite as one divine Light, to heal and bless all the world.”

Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that fuel your creative process?
Highly vibrational foods and drinks. Im addicted to Sun Potion's Anadamide, and all of their incredible tonics. All of my favorite snacks and juices are from Moon Juice.

Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?
Meditation // Water Water Water // Hydrating the body with natural oils internally and externally

Q: What would be an ideal day for you?
I'm dreaming . . . Days on a tropical beach, where I can float on my back in the sea and be completely supported by water. Truly release and let go. Beaches are true connections to the elements. Water of the sea, sand of the Earth, the ocean breeze blowing in your hair, and the warm sun glistening on your skin. 

Q: What do you do or use to keep your skin beautiful? What is your beauty routine?
Hydration is key, especially in Southern California, where the climate tends to be super dry. I only ingest natural/organic/non gmo foods and use all natural products on my skin. I dry brush daily. Scrubbing the skin is important, Flora Apothecary has my favorite. I use their Deva Body Polish a few times a week. The La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment is a coconut oil base and is a wonderful moisturizer. I use it on my skin everyday. I also carry a bottle of Poppy and Someday's Rose Toner in my purse so I can keep my face hydrated throughout the day.

Q: What are your go-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet?
My medicine comes in many different forms. Im so blessed to share a living and work space with an amazing herbalist and ayurvedic practitioner, Kari Jansen of Poppy and Someday. She makes all types of herbal tonics, teas, syrups, and tinctures.

Q: What is your next big vision for La Tierra Sagrada?
Everyday brings a new vision. I am a big dreamer. I'm manifesting something great, more community based. As for La Tierra Sagrada products, the new dry shampoo in shades of red, brown and blonde will be released in the coming month. And the highly anticipated Shampoo and Conditioner is making its debut this summer.