Monday, April 20, 2015


It's profound how often I encounter people who are deeply afraid of vulnerability. It has taken on such a negative connotation, perhaps with the increased disassociation we have been experiencing as a society that is connected more on a digital rather than an interior level.

There is incredible value in vulnerability—it is energy that can shift not only our own selves but those of others. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we carry ourselves in kindness, respect, + acknowledgement. We see the whole of ourselves + the light that is present even in the crevices of our being. This energy transmutes itself through our tissues into our responses, our interactions, softens all those with whom and which we come into contact. We imbue all with sweetness in allowing vulnerability . . .

Vulnerability is not weakness—there is no flight away from pain. Vulnerability resonates with courage . . . it is courage.
This week, I urge you to reframe the view you have of your self + others by witnessing the clearance that ensues from the acceptance that we are all vulnerable . . .
photo source unknown, via Pinterest