Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Pinkies up for tonic time with Sun Potion // imbibe in this BRAIN TONIC to surge light through your mind, power up mental flow, + nourish your brain tissue. Sip, chug, + lick to tone your brain waves~ + tone your tension . . .

serving Size |  2 increase proportionately or intuitively
1/2 teaspoon rhodiola
1/2 teaspoon reishi
1/2 teaspoon mucuna pruriens
16 ounces of your tea of choice | spring dragon | pu'erh | dandelion root

Mix your potion, heat up your tea, + dance it up in your vitamix. Here, I have served it up with a cloud of heated homeade hemp milk spiked with a dash of quantum salt + pine pollen, which I then topped off with a dusting of cinnamon . . .