Thursday, May 21, 2015


The inspiration for this beautiful green mylk poured into me in the desire to infuse malachite's potent powers into my cells . . .

Malachite has been seemingly appearing everywhere for me recently, which signals to me that it has a purpose to serve. This stone provides protection, repelling any negative energies and pollutants from the body + its surroundings. Like the main ingredient of this mylk—
chlorella—it guards the body against radiation by absorbing electromagnetic pollution + connects to the healing energy of mama earth.

This stone + mylk have a deep effect on our technology-driven society. Our bodies are hit at all times by waves of not only radiation but the negativity that is carried within their rays—disheartening international news, hateful messages over social media, + countless accompanying images that burn tour hearts + themselves into our memories. Our cells absorb these + shrink in reaction. The detoxifying properties of chlorella rid our tissues of these negative substances then plump them up with essential fatty acids + regenerative RNA/DNA.

To make this mylk, I place my intention in the stone by meditating with it. It's even more potent if it's in the bliss of a post-Kundalini kriya when my body's charged with cosmic energy. This is an excellent point to infuse Malachite with any intentions to heal any female problems or past traumatic experiences as it's a potent remedy for regulating the menstrual cycle, cramps, or for easing labour. 

After the infusion, I place the stone on my jar of chlorella to charge it with my intention overnight. In the morning, I awaken myself by whipping the mylk below + float through my day in its protective green glow . . .

1 cup of homemade mylk of choice | I prefer hemp or coconut mylk
1 small ripe banana or plump date
1 teaspoon of chlorella
A dash of Quantum salt
Sweetener of choice [optional] | drops of stevia / jerusalem artichoke syrup / raw honey / maple sugar

Pour all the ingredients + love into your vitamix, dance it up, pour it out, + vibrate into higher planes . . .