Monday, May 11, 2015


This is a guest post by the magical Tamara of @__wolfsister, who is a intuitive healer, supernatural potion maker, crystal enthusiast, + tarot reader . . . 

As we move through Spring, we're already enjoying the longer days and the whispers of the blossoming trees . . . Summer is coming and who doesn't love the Summer? In the winter, Mother Earth encourages us to go within, get snug, put on our winter layers and regenerate. As we transition through the seasons, the trees return to being leafy and green, Spring peaks and our planets energies are at their most potent, once again. Like Mother Earth, it's time to sew our seeds of intention and harness this energy of growth, birth and abundance to help manifest what is true and for our highest good.

Choosing to focus our intentions is a wonderful way to align ourselves and recalibrate, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed in life. Altars are sacred spaces, created as a focal point for our spiritual/personal intentions. This doesn't have to be religious in anyway. An altar can be as big or small as you choose and will contain items that are symbolic to you. Creating an altar can help you focus what you would like to manifest for your life in general or you can use it to focus on specific goals.

clean + clear |Clean the room or altar space. Burn sage or palo santo to energetically rebalance yourself and the space around you. Light candles and incense. Choose any of these steps that feel good for you, to energetically cleanse and align yourself.

meditate |This may be a guided mediation or even just taking time to focus on your breath as you centre and ground yourself into the moment. Meditating will help you clear your mind and de-clutter those extraneous thoughts.

intentions | Each item placed on your altar will be something that symbolises your intention and focus. These items will hold a collective energy to help you manifest your wishes and intentions.

Spring / Summer altar suggestions | Crystals [Citrine, Pyrite, Tigers eye, Carnelian, Sun stone and Garnet], Flowers, Candles, Photos, Oracle cards, Inspirational quotes / mantras, trinkets, and other treasures that are sacred to you and make you smile.

As you place your items on your Altar, give thanks for the blessings that they will bring into your life . . .