Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Even for the most open-hearted, there is always that one particular person who is utterly intolerable. Perhaps their high-pitched voice ties its chord around your neck, suffocating you with its irritation, or they incessantly debate with you until you tire of speaking even of your own grounds. In any way, they drain you of your energy.

Often unable to express that annoyance, our ego breaks into fury with the muffling of our voice. In believing in the superiority of only our own mind, we withdraw ourselves from not only the person we're annoyed by but ourselves. Rather than sitting within our reverent beings, we float in the liminal space of our frustration. We are removed from ourselves . . . We deny seeing some aspect of our own behaviours in the other's, losing respect for our authentic truth and selves. Seeing the other person in relation to a false, ego-fueled formulation of ourselves, we also lose respect for them.

This week, I urge you to infuse your thoughts, actions, + interactions with respect. See the magic of approaching all whom you touch with reverence, including yourself. Immerse yourself in the softening that ensues . . .

Photo courtesy of Silvia Grav