Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Bone health should not just be a conversation for pre-menopausal women searching for a supplement or [falsely] spoken of in yoghurt commercials. In my recovery from a disease that had a deep affect on my bone health, I have been healing my skeletal system with these foods. Mineralising, bone-building traditional medicinal provisions . . .

MOON JUICE SESAME GINGER SEA SNAPS | These are so incredibly addicting! Reminscent of the susam helvas or pastelis that I used to nosh on as a child by the Turkish seashores with the sea palm incorporation . . . but devoid of strength-sapping sugars. My ultimate snack! This little concoction is sprouted for bio-available nourishment, married with digestion-boosting ginger, + is a potent source of protein. With 20 percent of daily value of calcium + 30 percent of iron, these snaps are also incredible for supporting the female reproductive system during menstruation + pregnancy. 

COCONUT BUTTER | This is my crack coconut cocaine—I would shoot it through my veins if I could. Fats are the ultimate fuel—from our skin to our bones—so nosh on more avocados + build a coconut milk moustache. I have spoonfuls or a packet of coconut butter every day +  cry into my empty jars. I probably will be hugging a jar on my deathbed . . .

NASCENT IODINE | Iodine is a mineral that many Americans are deficient in. Most people get traces of it from iodised table salt, which not only is far inferior to celtic or sea salt but is also not easily assimilated by the body. Iodine is necessary for a healthy throid gland, which produces thyroid hormones + regulates the body's calcium levels. It is therefore crucial to sustain our  bones + diets with bone-in, sustainable fishes [such as sardines] + seaweeds. As a supplement, nascent iodine is my preferred solution. 

BEAUTY TONIC / DUST | We must also support our muscle tissues when strengthening our bones + this tonic has been my go-to for a while. An empirical formula that increases collagen + silica production, read more about its benefits here . . .

BONE BROTH |What is there not to say about bone broth that I have not salivated over on this post? Mosey on over to bubble up your own witch's brew for the ultimate skin, bone, body-building concoction. If you prefer a vegan, plant-based formula, Ron Teeguardan's Strong Bones is an incredible option!

QUINTON ISOTONIC | Pure marine plasma to redeem the body's senses, balance, + metabolism for optimum functioning from bones to brain . . .

MAGNESIUM | Most people often forget calcium's counterparts, one of which is magnesium. Not only is magnesium essential for bone health, but it's a key cofactor in over 80 percent of cellular enzymes as well. It's also necessary in converting Vitamin D [another key nutrient for bones] into its active form. As calcium + magnesium function together, they must be supplemented together to avoid deficiency or overload of the other. If you are experiencing any magnesium deficiency symptoms or are taking calcium supplements, you might want to look into supplementing with Natural Calm or Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray, both of which I love before bedtime . . .

FOUR SIGMA FOODS CORDYCEPS | I  am constantly overcome by the magical properties of mushrooms thanks to the incredible Four Sigma Foods [you can read more about them in my interview with founder, Tero, here]. In addition to supporting the immune-system + powering up oxygenation of the cells, cordyceps has additionally been studied for its effects on osteoporosis [here + also here as examples] by NIH

GRASS-FED GHEE + BEE MANNA | I have combined these two magical provisions because I love mixing ghee + manna or [the more economical] raw honey together to slather on the said sesame snaps, spriulina crunchies, or various dehydrated bars. Manna + bee pollen have potential effects in decreasing osteoporosis risk, so invest in the manna if you can for your bones + tastebuds. A sprinkle of quantum salt on top: no words . . .

Friday, June 26, 2015


The White Rabbit must be my spirit animal—I'm always in a rush. There is neither a party for which I'm due nor am I in a stew, and I'm rarely ever late! Yet, I'm always in a hurry. There is a running joke on me that, with my fast-paced walking, I look like I'm going on a mission . . . when I might actually just be walking to get a glass of water. I'll sip it + arrive to a meeting, probably 20 minutes early. Why the hurried footsteps + a rushed heart?

I have observed this not only with my physical engagements—I'm also running around in my mind. Most of us feel this way, enmeshed within this digital network. There is an onslaught of information: 0.62 seconds for 471,000,000 articles on yoga; Netflix is not loading, let's hop on over to Instagram; Oh, a notification from Facebook; e-mails equivalent to a stack of papers; so many tabs with titles no longer visibly legible . . .

This week, may we slow down to savour, move away from our gadgets + gizmos . . .  even our minds. May we simmer in the silence of patience as we download the energy of the Universe into ourselves. May we slow down our steps to step into the present moment, because it is all that is happening. This page was what I landed on this morning in my meditation: Are you going to be here or not?

Thursday, June 25, 2015


A select few close friends of mine have recently been experiencing heartache. I am always present for my friends when they themselves feel present enough to reach out for support. Raw in the emotions they're navigating, silence is often the healer that reverberates most authentically with the fragments of the heart. Here is a guide for healing our hearts.

This is a post dedicated from the crevices of my heart to theirs + yours, through the common ripples of ache that beat within all of our tender hearts at one point . . .

I have been utilising crystals in treating any ailment or dis-ease in my physical, mental, + spiritual bodies for a while. I first began to do so when I was attuned to Reiki + also began practising Kundalini yoga at the age of sixteen, overcome at first by the power both of these practises provided in my healing. If you are attuned to Reiki or know of someone who is, I would highly suggest that you combine them for deeper recovery. Reiki allows for the opening + flow of blocked energies and chakras, which is essential in moving through heartbreak.  If you are in the D.C. area, I would be more than happy to connect about this.

There are a few crystals that assist in the healing of the heart, most of which are pink. The crystal I have found to be most effective in moving through the heartspace is
Rose Quartz. Simply holding it in my left hand infuses me with its gentle source of unconditional love. In navigating the heavy memories stored within our hearts, the soft support this crystal gives is so appropriate + effective.

Kunzite is another gentle crystal that is also considered a "woman's stone," assisting in new, young, or first-time mothers. It brings comfort to those dealing with chaos + cleanses the auric field of accumulated negative energies or shadows. It heals our hearts in the aching over the loss or a loved one or a relationship. This stone is also an incredible tool for relieving any PMS symptoms or hormonal imbalances.

Two other crystals that can bring additional support are Pink Lemurian Seed + Black Obsidian. The former will provide connexion to self + the outer world in the feeling of disjointedness that a break-up can result in. The latter aids in this process by grounding us within our hearts, release old patterns and attachments, + focus us in the present moment.

T A P P I N G  |   E M O T I O N A L  F R E E D O M  T E C H N I Q U E  
I first discovered Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, through Kris Carr two years ago through this video. I was battling with exam anxiety—whose standards are standardised tests even based upon?—and suffering from daily tension headaches. This technique, based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture, saved my life. I love this video by the incredible new Poppy & Seed!

Y O G A 
Understandably, many people cannot locate the energy for a rigorous workout regimen or a vinyasa flow class initially in their break-up [while, yes, some others feel quite the opposite]. Hatha classes + daily integration of hip-openers are deeply soothing yet powerful practises to use during this time. What occurs within our minds are stored within our tissues according to yoga. Our hips are where we store our emotions such as bitterness, resentment, + anger. I remember the most intense hip-opening class I practiced with Seane Corn where I collapsed into an infuriating fit of tears. We store some dark shit in there, to put it lightly. As she put it, it's where we "give away our power in regards to the seductive forces like money, sex, drugs, or power—where we negotiate or sell ourselves." It's also where we're taught to love ourselves, which is a shame when its stored amidst trauma. Our hips relate to our second chakra sexuality, creativity, pleasure, desire, + need. Feelings of abandonment, denial, jealousy, + obsession naturally hovers in this area when our relationships are not confronted or healed.

In moving through a break-up, we must confront these emotions. If tears well up, acknowledge them + welcome in the memories they pool into your heart. Opening the hips are about opening our heart—they're about moving energy into a kinder, softer space. 

My go-to hip-openers are a daily set of single pigeon, double pigeon, + half gomukhasana. I do around 3-5 minutes on each side. Yes, they feel intense + tingle my toes, but I feel like I could join the New York City Ballet team afterwards. I then do twisted lunges [pavritta anjaneyasana] to wring out doubt + fear then top it off with wild thing to open up my heart after folding inwards.

A final note: buy yourself flowers. My beautiful friend Melissa of M.Parke Studio reminded me of this the other day. Any + every day is a good day to buy yourself flowers, but especially so during heartbreak. Cultivate the relationship you have with yourself + your own heart. Flowers that vibrate with the heart chakra are roses, carnations, orchids, + azaleas. Hibiscus also activates the heart chakra, making my little hibiscus rose tonic a heart-healing tonic. The sacral chakra, which rules our issues with sex + control, can be activated with flowers such as tiger lily, marigold, + bird of paradise. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Mercury may no longer be in retrograde, but I am still definitely feeling its lingering effects. My mind's arising out of its fog as a thin silhouette + my heart is slowly sipping in the remainder of its bitters. It's been a blurry awakening and a slow digest for me. 

For others, it's been a heavier transition. Many of my sweet friends have been navigating deep heartbreaks, grief, + doubt. It's understandable during such times to pool our energies inwards. Silence is healing. In my own treading of emotions, I attempt to have that scale of alone time balanced with engagement. This can mean a sweet chat + an al fresco summer night's meal with a friend right down to having a relationship with a bowl of ice cream. I, for one, am not going to deny the dance my cells make every single time I whip up homemade ice cream. This recipe below pulls my body into a snaps + salsa fiesta. 

Infused with reds + pinks to activate the imbalanced root chakra manifesting in disconnexion from self and the world, fear, + doubt. The rose petals—well, I infuse everything with rose right now: I spray the CAPtivator + benshen rosewater, hold my rose quartz throughout the day, + imbibe in rose lattés. Rose is deeply healing for the root chakra + is an incredible heart tonic. Anger in transitions can heat up our compositions + heart, which rose can help cool down physiologically + emotionally. The scent of rose always takes me on a tender trip to my grandmother's sun-drenched garden by the shores of Istanbul. It reminds me to approach my heart with her kind touch. 

The linden flowers are also promisers of an open heart + an ingredient from my childhood. My mother still makes me a linden flower tea with lemon + raw honey when I'm ill in any way. It soothes the chest + the soul. Its little flower petals are even heart-shaped!

I churn this love cream up with whispers of the mantra "I AM SAFE, I AM SUPPORTED" // gentle hip-shaking + sprinkles of smirks encouraged . . . 

LINDEN FLOWER + ROSE ICE CREAM | aip / paleo / vegan /raw 
1 can of gum + BPA-free coconut mylk or straight coconut cream
1 basket of organic raspberries
A handful of dried linden flowers
A handful of dried rose petals
Sweetener of choice, optional | maple sugar / coconut sugar / raw honey / maple syrup
A dash of Quantum salt

This is a little fuss but no ice-cream maker recipe | Gently simmer the coconut mylk or cream with the flowers on the stovetop until fragrant. Cool on the counter then transfer into refrigerator. If using coconut mylk, allow the cream + water separate. Scoop the cream, leaving the water to use for later—perhaps a smoothie later on. Mix + whip it up until its smooth then blend in the raspberries. If you'd like, you can strain the mixture through a cheesecloth to deseed it.

Pour the mixture into a glass container then plop it in the freezer. Remove from the freezer every twenty minutes to stir, making sure to break up any ice crystals that form. Repeat the process for two hours or until you reach a smooth but frozen consistency. Lick the spoon throughout this process + devour immediately!

Friday, June 19, 2015


I have been hurrying along + standing on my feet for longer periods of time for the past few days. My feet + the rest of my body have c
onsequently taken the toll with pain from the increased tension intoxicating my cells. This detoxifying foot soak by Holly of The Common Woman has been a nightly ritual to heal me from my toes to my heart . . .


A detoxifying ritual of self care and love.  Connecting to your own personal feminine force is achieved when you tap into the best version of yourself and open the doorway to therapeutics.  Traditional powerful detoxifiers that purge toxins + Aromatic rejuvenation.  

gentle and effective way to use the clay is as a foot soak.  This is an optimal protocol to use if you have sensitive skin and need to ease into detoxing your body.  It’s gentle enough on children and my go-to action when my kids are feeling under the weather and want to promote gentle detoxification.  Simply grab a small tub or bucket of warm water and put 1 tablespoon in the water and let feet soak 10 minutes.  I add a little fresh mint for aromatics and it feels much like a spa treatment.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015


There are a few creators whose recipes consistently feed my eyes + grumble my tummy. Holly is one of them with her rustic, traditional, + simple yet satiating recipes. With plates studded with micro-greens + sizzling with sustainable meats, I hunger for sitting down with her for a meal. Here is a recipe from Holly that would make such a dinner a midsummer's night's dream . . .


COOK TIME | 10 minutes

Anytime I see pastured pork on a menu, you will be certain I will be ordering that dish.  I re-created a favorite pork chop with lots of wild herbs and fresh lemon to keep it moist and flavorful.  I prepare on the stovetop in my trusty old dutch oven and bring the pot to the table when ready to enjoy-So easy!

4 pasture-raised pork chops (1-2 inch thick)
1 tablespoon fresh flat leaf parsley minced
1 tablespoon fresh dill minced
1 teaspoon fresh grated lemon zest
The juice of ½ fresh large lemon
4 slices of lemon
cooking oil of choice | coconut oil or grass-fed ghee are options
fine sea salt | quantum or Maldon salt

Place the pork chops on a plate and pat dry.  In a bowl, combine the fresh parsley, dill and grated lemon zest and set aside.  Meanwhile on the stovetop, drizzle olive oil in a dutch oven or (10 inch) sauté’ pan and heat the oil over medium heat. Drizzle oil on the pork chops making sure they're lightly coated and immediately add the herb and lemon mixture.  Gently coat the entire pork chop and season liberally with fine sea salt, like Maldon. 

Now, place the pork onto the warmed pan and squeeze the ½ fresh lemon juice and place the 4 individual slices of lemon on the tops of each pork chop. Sear on one side without moving the pork.  Cook till it’s lightly browned (3-5 min).

Flip the pork chop to the next side to brown and be sure to put the lemon slice back onto the top of the chop-You don’t want the lemon on the bottom of the pan.  Cook for another 3-5  min depending on size to a nice medium with slight pink center. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


You know that warming buzz of love that raises the hair on your skin with inexpressible gratitude—when you smile through an attempt to navigate words to express it? That's what I feel towards Holly Nakashima and the community she has created through The Common Woman. As a graduate of a seven sister woman's college, woman + sisterhood is ring in my voice, glimmer in my eyes, and beat in my heart. There is nothing that is as healing to me as connecting to and harnessing our feminine connexions with fellow conscious women. Holly has created such an incredible platform through which women are able to safely express their authentic voice, lead purposeful lives, + enlighten one another. 

Hop on over to her beautiful site, instagram, facebook, + twitter | while you're at it, glance over my spiritual smack musings that I shared on the site over here . Holly will be guest-posting for the rest of the week, sharing beauty bites + a healing farmacy recipe.

Here are words on The Common Woman by Holly . . .

The Common Woman is a place of vulnerability, honesty and speaking heartfelt truth. I strongly believe every woman should have a voice, shake things up and make impact. I am creating a loving space where freedom, creativity and woman-hood can evolve and take shape. Minimalist fashion is my love language and created a life style brand woman can wear that was comfortable and transition from any element. I made apparel I love and live in and want woman to join me as we create a community of Healthful Woman-Hood! Anything is possible, love heals all things and “we are community” . . .

Monday, June 15, 2015


I have compiled my ultimate guide to a summer glow including nourishing foods + a cultured coconut cream recipe for beauty bites . . . 

What we slather on our skin seeps inside, so I recommend using products of high integrity + clean ingredients as those covered in my makers + movers series. Some currently coveted summer products are california naturel sunscreen to protect my skin, jiva apoha 1967 for deep body moisture + soul-healing,  + the CAPtivator for a mood-elevating light scent. Light is might when it comes to summer skincare—you want to be neither dry nor sticky. As much as the skin's glow is affected by external factors such as regular exfoliation, deep moisture, + protection from the sun, it is equally [if not more] determined by internal factors. Here's to raising our forks for eating pretty . . .

ZINC ZING | Foods high in zinc are the ultimate skin food to achieve a vibrant glow. The optimal sources for zinc are wild-caught raw or smoked oysters, grass-fed beef steak, grass-fed veal liver, sprouted pumpkin seeds, raw cacao, + sprouted raw tahini.

HEALTHY FATS | I said this when in my post on restoring hair, but I cannot stress enough the nourishment that healthy fats provide for the whole body, beyond just hair, skin, + nails. It frustrates me deeply that most people are not only fat-phobic but consume unhealthy fats when they don't restrict their intake. This not only deprives the body from functioning at its prime—our brain is composed of 70 percent fat—but the unhealthy fats strip the body further of the steam its running on. It creates toxins in the body + puts it on reparative overdrive. Skin consequently gets dry or oily [to compensate], which even applying pumpfuls of oils will not cure. We must feed the skin internally with nourishing fats. Aloha has an incredible database of recipes incorporating these fats + other nutrients that has been a recent go-to for me.

Supplementing with + regularly consuming healthy fats such as  raw organic coconut oilhigh-quality olive oilgrass-fed ghee or butter, + wild-caught seafood [oysters, which are packed with zinc, are a great option] is essential. Snacking on raw, sprouted nuts + seeds [if tolerated] also feeds the skin: think chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, + macadamia nuts. Sprouted pumpkin seed milk is an easily-assimilated mylk to support skin elasticity, collagen production, + vibrancy as it is an abundant source of zinc, sulfur, + vitamin A. It is deeply mineralising. I also always keep coconut products at hand, such as packets of raw + organic coconut butter/coconut oil or snacks with shredded coconut, for a quick source of high-quality fats. The saturated fats in coconut also support healthy hormone levels which in return support my skin.

HYDRATION | It goes without saying that supplying your body + skin with adequate amount of hydration is essential, especially in the summer. Easier ways to do this is flavouring your water with herbs such as fresh organic mint, rosemary, or cucumbers . Having a beautiful glass bottle to carry it around it in also helps! In the summer, I love getting extra hydrated through the foods I eat. Some of my favourites with high-water content are cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapefruits, jicama, beets, + carrots. I also can never pass up farm-fresh peaches with their intoxicating smell that travels in the heat of a summer's day . . . PLEASE also make sure that you're getting adequate amount of high-quality salts in your diet to ensure electrolyte + hydration balance.

FERMENTED FOODS | eating fermented foods is THE ultimate skin food. I consume some twice a day in the form of homemade sauerkraut, lacto-fermented veggies, coconut water kefir, + the recipe below . . . 

1 bpa-free can of coconut milk // refrigerated
3 teaspoons of probiotic powder  or capsules // enough to provide 15-20 billion cfu

Refrigerate the can of coconut milk then scoop out the coconut cream that rises to the top. Place in a clean glass bowl then whip it up until it becomes smooth. Scoop in the probiotic powder + dance it up a little more. Cover the bowl with a cheesecloth + place in a dark, cool area for 24-48 hours. It should taste tangy. Once ready, place in the refrigerator for a few hours + serve!

For a sweet little snack, top a handful of sprouted nuts or fresh berries with a dollop + the creamy beauty powder Tocos [I love Sun Potion + Moon Juice's], a drizzle of raw honey, + a dash of Quantum salt . . .