Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Mercury may no longer be in retrograde, but I am still definitely feeling its lingering effects. My mind's arising out of its fog as a thin silhouette + my heart is slowly sipping in the remainder of its bitters. It's been a blurry awakening and a slow digest for me. 

For others, it's been a heavier transition. Many of my sweet friends have been navigating deep heartbreaks, grief, + doubt. It's understandable during such times to pool our energies inwards. Silence is healing. In my own treading of emotions, I attempt to have that scale of alone time balanced with engagement. This can mean a sweet chat + an al fresco summer night's meal with a friend right down to having a relationship with a bowl of ice cream. I, for one, am not going to deny the dance my cells make every single time I whip up homemade ice cream. This recipe below pulls my body into a snaps + salsa fiesta. 

Infused with reds + pinks to activate the imbalanced root chakra manifesting in disconnexion from self and the world, fear, + doubt. The rose petals—well, I infuse everything with rose right now: I spray the CAPtivator + benshen rosewater, hold my rose quartz throughout the day, + imbibe in rose lattés. Rose is deeply healing for the root chakra + is an incredible heart tonic. Anger in transitions can heat up our compositions + heart, which rose can help cool down physiologically + emotionally. The scent of rose always takes me on a tender trip to my grandmother's sun-drenched garden by the shores of Istanbul. It reminds me to approach my heart with her kind touch. 

The linden flowers are also promisers of an open heart + an ingredient from my childhood. My mother still makes me a linden flower tea with lemon + raw honey when I'm ill in any way. It soothes the chest + the soul. Its little flower petals are even heart-shaped!

I churn this love cream up with whispers of the mantra "I AM SAFE, I AM SUPPORTED" // gentle hip-shaking + sprinkles of smirks encouraged . . . 

LINDEN FLOWER + ROSE ICE CREAM | aip / paleo / vegan /raw 
1 can of gum + BPA-free coconut mylk or straight coconut cream
1 basket of organic raspberries
A handful of dried linden flowers
A handful of dried rose petals
Sweetener of choice, optional | maple sugar / coconut sugar / raw honey / maple syrup
A dash of Quantum salt

This is a little fuss but no ice-cream maker recipe | Gently simmer the coconut mylk or cream with the flowers on the stovetop until fragrant. Cool on the counter then transfer into refrigerator. If using coconut mylk, allow the cream + water separate. Scoop the cream, leaving the water to use for later—perhaps a smoothie later on. Mix + whip it up until its smooth then blend in the raspberries. If you'd like, you can strain the mixture through a cheesecloth to deseed it.

Pour the mixture into a glass container then plop it in the freezer. Remove from the freezer every twenty minutes to stir, making sure to break up any ice crystals that form. Repeat the process for two hours or until you reach a smooth but frozen consistency. Lick the spoon throughout this process + devour immediately!