Monday, June 15, 2015


I have compiled my ultimate guide to a summer glow including nourishing foods + a cultured coconut cream recipe for beauty bites . . . 

What we slather on our skin seeps inside, so I recommend using products of high integrity + clean ingredients as those covered in my makers + movers series. Some currently coveted summer products are california naturel sunscreen to protect my skin, jiva apoha 1967 for deep body moisture + soul-healing,  + the CAPtivator for a mood-elevating light scent. Light is might when it comes to summer skincare—you want to be neither dry nor sticky. As much as the skin's glow is affected by external factors such as regular exfoliation, deep moisture, + protection from the sun, it is equally [if not more] determined by internal factors. Here's to raising our forks for eating pretty . . .

ZINC ZING | Foods high in zinc are the ultimate skin food to achieve a vibrant glow. The optimal sources for zinc are wild-caught raw or smoked oysters, grass-fed beef steak, grass-fed veal liver, sprouted pumpkin seeds, raw cacao, + sprouted raw tahini.

HEALTHY FATS | I said this when in my post on restoring hair, but I cannot stress enough the nourishment that healthy fats provide for the whole body, beyond just hair, skin, + nails. It frustrates me deeply that most people are not only fat-phobic but consume unhealthy fats when they don't restrict their intake. This not only deprives the body from functioning at its prime—our brain is composed of 70 percent fat—but the unhealthy fats strip the body further of the steam its running on. It creates toxins in the body + puts it on reparative overdrive. Skin consequently gets dry or oily [to compensate], which even applying pumpfuls of oils will not cure. We must feed the skin internally with nourishing fats. Aloha has an incredible database of recipes incorporating these fats + other nutrients that has been a recent go-to for me.

Supplementing with + regularly consuming healthy fats such as  raw organic coconut oilhigh-quality olive oilgrass-fed ghee or butter, + wild-caught seafood [oysters, which are packed with zinc, are a great option] is essential. Snacking on raw, sprouted nuts + seeds [if tolerated] also feeds the skin: think chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, + macadamia nuts. Sprouted pumpkin seed milk is an easily-assimilated mylk to support skin elasticity, collagen production, + vibrancy as it is an abundant source of zinc, sulfur, + vitamin A. It is deeply mineralising. I also always keep coconut products at hand, such as packets of raw + organic coconut butter/coconut oil or snacks with shredded coconut, for a quick source of high-quality fats. The saturated fats in coconut also support healthy hormone levels which in return support my skin.

HYDRATION | It goes without saying that supplying your body + skin with adequate amount of hydration is essential, especially in the summer. Easier ways to do this is flavouring your water with herbs such as fresh organic mint, rosemary, or cucumbers . Having a beautiful glass bottle to carry it around it in also helps! In the summer, I love getting extra hydrated through the foods I eat. Some of my favourites with high-water content are cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapefruits, jicama, beets, + carrots. I also can never pass up farm-fresh peaches with their intoxicating smell that travels in the heat of a summer's day . . . PLEASE also make sure that you're getting adequate amount of high-quality salts in your diet to ensure electrolyte + hydration balance.

FERMENTED FOODS | eating fermented foods is THE ultimate skin food. I consume some twice a day in the form of homemade sauerkraut, lacto-fermented veggies, coconut water kefir, + the recipe below . . . 

1 bpa-free can of coconut milk // refrigerated
3 teaspoons of probiotic powder  or capsules // enough to provide 15-20 billion cfu

Refrigerate the can of coconut milk then scoop out the coconut cream that rises to the top. Place in a clean glass bowl then whip it up until it becomes smooth. Scoop in the probiotic powder + dance it up a little more. Cover the bowl with a cheesecloth + place in a dark, cool area for 24-48 hours. It should taste tangy. Once ready, place in the refrigerator for a few hours + serve!

For a sweet little snack, top a handful of sprouted nuts or fresh berries with a dollop + the creamy beauty powder Tocos [I love Sun Potion + Moon Juice's], a drizzle of raw honey, + a dash of Quantum salt . . .