Thursday, June 25, 2015


A select few close friends of mine have recently been experiencing heartache. I am always present for my friends when they themselves feel present enough to reach out for support. Raw in the emotions they're navigating, silence is often the healer that reverberates most authentically with the fragments of the heart. Here is a guide for healing our hearts.

This is a post dedicated from the crevices of my heart to theirs + yours, through the common ripples of ache that beat within all of our tender hearts at one point . . .

I have been utilising crystals in treating any ailment or dis-ease in my physical, mental, + spiritual bodies for a while. I first began to do so when I was attuned to Reiki + also began practising Kundalini yoga at the age of sixteen, overcome at first by the power both of these practises provided in my healing. If you are attuned to Reiki or know of someone who is, I would highly suggest that you combine them for deeper recovery. Reiki allows for the opening + flow of blocked energies and chakras, which is essential in moving through heartbreak.  If you are in the D.C. area, I would be more than happy to connect about this.

There are a few crystals that assist in the healing of the heart, most of which are pink. The crystal I have found to be most effective in moving through the heartspace is
Rose Quartz. Simply holding it in my left hand infuses me with its gentle source of unconditional love. In navigating the heavy memories stored within our hearts, the soft support this crystal gives is so appropriate + effective.

Kunzite is another gentle crystal that is also considered a "woman's stone," assisting in new, young, or first-time mothers. It brings comfort to those dealing with chaos + cleanses the auric field of accumulated negative energies or shadows. It heals our hearts in the aching over the loss or a loved one or a relationship. This stone is also an incredible tool for relieving any PMS symptoms or hormonal imbalances.

Two other crystals that can bring additional support are Pink Lemurian Seed + Black Obsidian. The former will provide connexion to self + the outer world in the feeling of disjointedness that a break-up can result in. The latter aids in this process by grounding us within our hearts, release old patterns and attachments, + focus us in the present moment.

T A P P I N G  |   E M O T I O N A L  F R E E D O M  T E C H N I Q U E  
I first discovered Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, through Kris Carr two years ago through this video. I was battling with exam anxiety—whose standards are standardised tests even based upon?—and suffering from daily tension headaches. This technique, based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine + Acupuncture, saved my life. I love this video by the incredible new Poppy & Seed!

Y O G A 
Understandably, many people cannot locate the energy for a rigorous workout regimen or a vinyasa flow class initially in their break-up [while, yes, some others feel quite the opposite]. Hatha classes + daily integration of hip-openers are deeply soothing yet powerful practises to use during this time. What occurs within our minds are stored within our tissues according to yoga. Our hips are where we store our emotions such as bitterness, resentment, + anger. I remember the most intense hip-opening class I practiced with Seane Corn where I collapsed into an infuriating fit of tears. We store some dark shit in there, to put it lightly. As she put it, it's where we "give away our power in regards to the seductive forces like money, sex, drugs, or power—where we negotiate or sell ourselves." It's also where we're taught to love ourselves, which is a shame when its stored amidst trauma. Our hips relate to our second chakra sexuality, creativity, pleasure, desire, + need. Feelings of abandonment, denial, jealousy, + obsession naturally hovers in this area when our relationships are not confronted or healed.

In moving through a break-up, we must confront these emotions. If tears well up, acknowledge them + welcome in the memories they pool into your heart. Opening the hips are about opening our heart—they're about moving energy into a kinder, softer space. 

My go-to hip-openers are a daily set of single pigeon, double pigeon, + half gomukhasana. I do around 3-5 minutes on each side. Yes, they feel intense + tingle my toes, but I feel like I could join the New York City Ballet team afterwards. I then do twisted lunges [pavritta anjaneyasana] to wring out doubt + fear then top it off with wild thing to open up my heart after folding inwards.

A final note: buy yourself flowers. My beautiful friend Melissa of M.Parke Studio reminded me of this the other day. Any + every day is a good day to buy yourself flowers, but especially so during heartbreak. Cultivate the relationship you have with yourself + your own heart. Flowers that vibrate with the heart chakra are roses, carnations, orchids, + azaleas. Hibiscus also activates the heart chakra, making my little hibiscus rose tonic a heart-healing tonic. The sacral chakra, which rules our issues with sex + control, can be activated with flowers such as tiger lily, marigold, + bird of paradise.