Wednesday, June 17, 2015


You know that warming buzz of love that raises the hair on your skin with inexpressible gratitude—when you smile through an attempt to navigate words to express it? That's what I feel towards Holly Nakashima and the community she has created through The Common Woman. As a graduate of a seven sister woman's college, woman + sisterhood is ring in my voice, glimmer in my eyes, and beat in my heart. There is nothing that is as healing to me as connecting to and harnessing our feminine connexions with fellow conscious women. Holly has created such an incredible platform through which women are able to safely express their authentic voice, lead purposeful lives, + enlighten one another. 

Hop on over to her beautiful site, instagram, facebook, + twitter | while you're at it, glance over my spiritual smack musings that I shared on the site over here . Holly will be guest-posting for the rest of the week, sharing beauty bites + a healing farmacy recipe.

Here are words on The Common Woman by Holly . . .

The Common Woman is a place of vulnerability, honesty and speaking heartfelt truth. I strongly believe every woman should have a voice, shake things up and make impact. I am creating a loving space where freedom, creativity and woman-hood can evolve and take shape. Minimalist fashion is my love language and created a life style brand woman can wear that was comfortable and transition from any element. I made apparel I love and live in and want woman to join me as we create a community of Healthful Woman-Hood! Anything is possible, love heals all things and “we are community” . . .