Monday, June 8, 2015


I begin and end my days with Poppy & Someday. My make-up routine in the morning is as simple as sunscreen, a dash of mascara, + a swipe of the rosy herbal lip stain for a scarlet-hued glow. My day ends with a post-shower spritz of [or dousing in] the intoxicating Marfa Moon Mist for a deep soul + field riddance of any negative energies that I might have picked up on my daily journey. The tourmaline crystal essence further protects my shield, providing unshakeable ground. The essential oils of lavender + ylang ylang soothe any inner turbulence for deep dreams under lunar light. My day-time equivalent of this mist is the Gypsy Rose Toner which, with its sweet floral scent, remind me to approach all with gentle + graceful touch and the love infused through the rose quartz essence. 

I introduce you to the creator behind the rosy hues of my glasses . . .

KARI  JANSEN, POPPY & SOMEDAY | laurel canyon, ca
Q: Tell us a little bit about you and what led you to start your line.
I am an artist, Herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner. My passion lies in the plant world. It inspires me to create and develop ways to bring the medicinal value of the plants into our daily lives and routines. I love working with my hands. With my education and background, I have been making herbal products for my family and friends for over 10 years. It was a natural transition to begin making these for everyone as I found it so rare to find a body care product made by hand and with love. There is medicine and energy that comes when you create and grow something in this manner.

Q: What inspired the name?
California and the beauty it provides. The name is based on the state flower, the California Poppy. It evokes a happy and uplifting energy in me. It makes me think of Joni Mitchell . . .

California I'm coming home / Oh will you take me as I am / Strung out on another man / California I'm coming home

Q: Do you have a ritual for making/applying your products?
I have a beautiful studio space in the magical Laurel Canyon. It allows me to surround myself in the plant world. I love listening to the crows talk and circle the sky. There is a daily ritual that I find in my studio and surroundings and the calming energy it creates that I put into my process and products. I love making medicine.

Q: How long did it take for you to craft your products to the state it is in now? What was that experience like for you?
It took those 10 years of making products for everyone whenever I could. I sold them at farmer’s markets and small stores. I’d constantly ask for feedback, which pushed me to keep creating until I had an amazing product that I felt proud of. Being a Virgo my attention to detail keeps me constantly perfecting my craft.

Q: When you are not working on your line, what else do you like to do?
I need to keep my creative side alive and inspired. Whether it is throwing clay on my pottery wheel, weaving a dreamcatcher with wild crafted treasures I find along a hike or hand dying textiles with plant materials I’m always feeding my creative hunger. But the best part of my day is when I’m “Mom”. I adore my 7-year-old son and treasure every second I get to spend with him.

Q: What keeps you going? Do you have a daily routine, ritual, or a mantra?
I love what I do and that keeps me excited and inspired each day I wake up. My daily ritual involves a self-massage with healing oils and salves, like my Sunshine Daydream salve. It has a lot of calming, healing herbs which nourish me. They truly restore my nervous system and calm my mind. Living in Los Angeles, I find myself doing healing rituals to help ground me quite often. On each New Moon, I apply La Tierra Sagrada’s magical hair treatment on my head overnight. I wake up renewed and ready for a new cycle.

Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that fuel your creative process?
My favorite snacks are seaweed treats and raw honey. Diviana Alchemy makes the best raw honey spread with powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Reishi, and Astragalus blended in. I rely on Sun Potion products to help give me stamina and vitality to get me through some of my busy days. My favorite is Ginko, Rosemary and Nettle tea with Sun Potion’s Pine Pollen. This is so healing for my circulatory system and enhances my whole body functions.

Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?
Hydration, Nourishment, and Love

Q: What would be an ideal day for you?
Traveling and exploring the open road full of new adventures is a perfect day.

Q: What do you do or use to keep your skin beautiful? What is your beauty routine?

Staying hydrated with good electrolytes is so important to keeping your skin healthy. Many of dark spots and wrinkles are caused from dry, Vata-like symptoms. Keeping balance in your life is also extremely important. I always need to be reminded to slow down and take time for me. Self care is vital and needed, which for me involves a warm bathtub or steam, a salt scrub with Captain Blankenship’s Rosemary and Lemongrass Sugar Scrub to increase circulation and then a self massage. It is important to have a self care routine every week to give your body the love it deserves.

Q: What are your go­-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet?
Taproot Medicine has an amazing Strong Women’s syrup which helps me stay balanced. Sun Potion’s Reishi Mushroom to help build my respiratory strength and increase my immunity. Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry Lozenges are the best and I prescribe these for anyone in my family fighting a sore throat. Oil of Oregano for those viruses I need to kick out of my body ASAP. Poppy and Someday Silver Raven salve rubbed on a chest for respiratory congestion or swollen lymph nodes. Its Ravensara helps to kills bacteria and other viruses.

Q: What is your next big vision for Poppy & Someday?
The dream is to open a space in which I can collaborate with other like­-minded creators and companies. I imagine a space where we can make products and host events, such as new moon gatherings or product making workshops. In my mind, it’s a place to inspire and foster creativity. I see it as a place to build a community around.