Tuesday, June 2, 2015


This is a guest post by the lighthouse Desirée Pais, founder + beauty alchemist behind Benshen, who gathers women under the light of mama moon to ignite an equally bright light within their own beings. I felt the sparks of these souls in their New York gathering + wanted to fling that to a platform that would raise the consciousness beyond those physical borders. Desirée has kindly agreed to share her deep wisdom from her gathering + on the current full moon with us. Welcome in her radiance for a fuller experience of the magic tonight . . . 

FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS | let the light illuminate the way
Things have been quite crazy the past few weeks with the wild encounters in the astrological + cosmic realms. Mercury in retrograde has challenged us to step on the breaks so we can communicate clearer, from our center, which lies in the 3rd Chakra, the Navel point. Working from here is much more powerful rather than from the 4th energy plexus, the Heart, which especially now as we enter into the Fire Element, Summer, the heart can get easily agitated from the external heat and we become overly emotional. Always speak and live from the true Center, allowing strength and grace to prevail, especially now as macrocosm shifts in its natural course. How do we take it down? With the breath. Slow down, close your eyes, notice if your breathing short breaths in the upper cavity. Then, with the eyes closed, slowly, consciously bring the breath all the way down with a deep inhale to the space below the belly button. Witness the expanded power, which can be accessed in moments, within, not reaching outside of your own Self.

Right now with the arising Full Moon in Sagittarius which occurs on June 2nd, we have a potent portal for new beginnings. We have to space for a magical, yes magical, new chapter in our lives. This new beginning is an accumulation of all the knowledge you have gained in the last few years and choose to either put it to action, alchemizing it into wisdom, or chose to stay the same, living in fear. This new beginning arises from letting go of all the fears and doubts that are heightened right now during the Full Moon. See them clearly illuminated and make the choice what you want to do with them.

Yogi Bhajan once said, "I pray that you have the strength to enjoy this life." And that's the reality of it - can we have the strength to overcome these obstacles and embrace challenges as they come, coming out the other side feeling victorious or will we stay the same, chained to our fears and doubts that keep us small.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Guru Dharam's workshop at Golden Bridge Yoga in SoHo. I was having a challenging day and felt the need to jump into a class. Little did I know he was teaching that day. At the end of the workshop, he taught and lead us through the most beautiful meditation I have done thus far: Lumen De Lumine. It was absolutely transformational. In times of great change, we need to open our Hearts and embrace our fears so we can shine radiant light on them, letting them melt away. When we can feel that Inner Radiance, the knowing that we are not separate from the great powerful force of the Universe, then we can truly know that we have every ability to heal, to grow, to change, to live, to thrive. 

Guru Dharam taught us this beautiful meditation to go along with Lumen de Lumine: sitting in easy pose, bring both hands into peace sign. Now, instead of having the index finger and middle finger apart, bring them together so they are touching. Elbows rest by the rib cage, shoulders are relaxed. Eyes are closed. You can either sit and listen to the mantra while doing Long Deep Breathing or you can sing along (my favorite!) with the mantra. 

here is the mudra for the mantra . . . 
Lumen de lumine
Deum de deo
Deum verum de deo vero

About the mantra, from Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry: "Lumen de Lumine is a light equal to trillions of sunrays, as it is the light vibration from the wheel of Cosmic Energy – the Great Central Sun. It is heavenly, giving energy that is the brightest of the bright and the sweetest of the sweet. This mantra of light dispels darkness and banishes evil from one's life, as it acknowledges the Glory of the Light of the Lord. It is easy to know truth, but difficult to live it. By chanting Lumen de Lumine, you will experience the continual flow of light from your inner self that transforms the behavioral patterns of day to day living. Indeed, the power of Lumen de Lumine lies in its ability to establish a vibration between self-consciousness and Supreme consciousness that will break down all subconscious barriers. In esoteric terms, from the self to the supreme self we cross, with the power of the creator, through the cosmic flow of consciousness. Lumen de Lumine acts as a connecting bridge."