Friday, June 26, 2015


The White Rabbit must be my spirit animal—I'm always in a rush. There is neither a party for which I'm due nor am I in a stew, and I'm rarely ever late! Yet, I'm always in a hurry. There is a running joke on me that, with my fast-paced walking, I look like I'm going on a mission . . . when I might actually just be walking to get a glass of water. I'll sip it + arrive to a meeting, probably 20 minutes early. Why the hurried footsteps + a rushed heart?

I have observed this not only with my physical engagements—I'm also running around in my mind. Most of us feel this way, enmeshed within this digital network. There is an onslaught of information: 0.62 seconds for 471,000,000 articles on yoga; Netflix is not loading, let's hop on over to Instagram; Oh, a notification from Facebook; e-mails equivalent to a stack of papers; so many tabs with titles no longer visibly legible . . .

This week, may we slow down to savour, move away from our gadgets + gizmos . . .  even our minds. May we simmer in the silence of patience as we download the energy of the Universe into ourselves. May we slow down our steps to step into the present moment, because it is all that is happening. This page was what I landed on this morning in my meditation: Are you going to be here or not?