Tuesday, July 28, 2015


When I came across Kumari Luxury's velvety oils + salts, I was immediately drawn to its golden + earthen hues. Aarti concocts these products with motherly + nostalgic vibrations infusing out of her fingers + into my cells. I soak in bliss.

The recent SUN + DAY post by the enlightening Poppy & Seed and the equally vibrant Melissa's seaweed bath reminded me of my proclaimed sun soaks. I often speak endlessly about the lunar cycle—it's no surprise that my roots are of the crescent moon + star. As deeply affected as I am by the moon, however, the sun's energy drips into and revives my soul. Going to school in New England stripped me to the bones, I'm now building my skin up with silken oils. Kumari has been enveloping me like a Greek goddess. So has been my re-incoporation of sun soaks. Here is my guide to bathing in healing salts, golden oils, clean waters, + sun-drenched crystals. 

S  U N   S O A K S

Taking a bath with crystals is one of the most potent ways to infuse in their energies. It's pure revitalisation that can be felt cellularly once you attune yourself to the silence that the bathing time you've lovingly drawn for yourself deserves. This is a time to commune with your crystals and develop a sensitivity not only towards them but to your own vibrations. We so often draw ourselves in to muddy waters like the dark skies that the moon floats in. Taking a sun soak allows you to see the dot of milky light within clouded seas and the sunny vibrancy within yourself. 

To draw yourself a sun soak, fill your tub up + combine salt, bath oil [I love this oil and salt combination with sandalwood + magnolia from Kumari], and crystals of your preference. I also have always adored Living Libations just like Poppy & Seed—they have such high integrity products. I mean, chocolate body oil?! I'll cannonball into that . . .

Salts cleanse our aura, but be gentle with how much you put in here as some crystals are sensitive to it. Feel free to add flower petals or even seaweed as Melissa did. I often like to tune into the energies of one stone as multiple different ones with various properties can be too overwhelming. I have spent many sleepless nights from such crazed combinations. 

The important part of the sun soak is charging your crystal in the sun rather than in the moon. This infuses the crystal with light energy that you will feel and be recharged with in your bath. This sun soak is a great bath to draw as a mid-day treat when your energy runs low and you need some time away. The sun's energy will activate your energy reserves and call in abundance. Be mindful also of the solar cycles, such as the summer solstice's power in drawing in wealth + the spring equinox's energy for growth. Different parts of the cycle have different energies. Choose + charge to your needs. Draw the bath curtains, step in . . .

C H O O S I N G   Y O U R   C R Y S T A L S

My favourite ones have always been any quartz, amethyst, and tiger eye. Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones for protection + finding the calm centre within all—ourselves and in external situations. It also aids in healing pain such as headaches and within joints, so it's extremely useful for chronic disease or autoimmune issues. Don't leave amethyst out in the sunlight for too long, though, as it can cause fading. 

Rose quartz is a stone that I believe can assist everyone as we all are deficient in and working on loving ourselves + others. It's an incredible heart-opener for difficult situations, mender of a broken heart, and allows us to receive love openly. 

Onyx is a great stone for protection + grounding the bodily energies to the earthly ones. As a black stone, it's also a great detoxifier and aids the body in eliminating the environmental, emotional, and energetic toxins we accumulate. 

Be careful with halite, desert rose selenite, angelite, zurite, calcite, and most other stones that end in -ite—do not place these in your bath as they are too sensitive. Also be cautious of stones with copper or lead as they will be toxic in a bath. I suggest you search the crystal before placing it in your bath if you are unsure.