Friday, July 3, 2015


The soul + face behind the magical hands that presented you yesterday's beauty bites on a cosmic platter dotted with roses. Julia Corbett talks of her herbal superfood honey, golden turmeric extracts, + fresh air filled with plant medicine. I invite you to digest her wisdom over bites of her creations . . . 

JULIA CORBETT, DIVIANA ALCHEMY | los angeles, california

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and what led you to creating raw desserts. 
I think it all started when my neighbor gave me some ice cream, I was about one year old! From that point sweet treats were always my favorite thing to eat, and there was always excitement and joy surrounding desserts. After years of digestive issues and being a 'picky eater' I found out I had a gluten-intolerance. It made total sense to me, and once I removed it I felt like a new being, lifted out of a fog. The first thing I gravitated toward was gluten-free baked desserts, but shortly after I then found raw desserts and it was one of those moments where you're just struck with awe. It was a slice of pie, and that is what I started making myself first. I went big! It came natural to me, making these delicious sweet creations. And I found I could also make them beautiful, with designs of edible flowers and fresh fruits. Coming from an artist background, it all fit in so well. I ended up working in a little yoga studio making raw food cleanses for people and that really taught me how to make a business out of doing what I love. A year later or so, I started what is now Diviana Alchemy with my herbal superfood honey, Diviana Nectar. It's all evolved so beautifully and I love being able to share what I learn with others, through recipes, workshops, and books!

Q: When you are not working on Dessert Medicine + Diviana Alchemy, what else do you like to do? 
I love to take photographs, that is the original art I studied in school. Right now I'm gathering photos for a project I call 'Intertidal' which is the zone on the beach that is exposed between tides. This influence from the moon is intriguing to me, and as a woman it has such deep connection. I absolutely love going to the beach and witnessing the shifts and changes through the seasons that the tides can bring, and I love to revisit places over and over to see what I can discover. What you see changes as you develop this relationship with a place, and I enjoy it immensely.

Q: What keeps you going? Do you have a daily routine, ritual, or a mantra? 
Honestly I don't have a routine, as to a specific time I do things, but I engage in a few things daily. I always get outside, do some sort of activity like hiking or running. Breathing in fresh air filled with plant medicine is so important to me. I have a meditation mantra, but it's secret! ;) Staying continuously inspired isn't easy, but when you truly listen to your self, it happens effortlessly.

Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that fuel your creative process?
Raw chocolate for sure! Turmeric golden milk made with chai tea. Green juice or any fresh cold-pressed seasonal juice. Lots of berries, ideally in season and from a farmers market or straight from the bush!

Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?
Get outside! Be in nature at least once a day, soaking up the sunshine and being aware your beautiful surroundings. Engage in some sort of meditation every day, for some it can be sitting in silence, for others it could be yoga and gentle movement, or wherever you find yourself outside the structure of time, which is through photography for me. Again, I would say green juice is amazing, and brings your body back into balance, so I try to do that often. 

Q: What would be an ideal day for you? 
Raw chocolate would be part of my morning, for sure! Then I would go for a nice hike in nature, taking pictures of all the beautiful native plants I see. Maybe harvest a small amount and use as my medicine for the day. Green juice would be next on my list, keeping it light and low sugar for the morning so I have energy all day. I guess if it was the 'ideal' day I would be outside the whole time, engaging nature and being in meditation with it, and bringing a friend along to share in the beauty. The beach would be my place to watch the sunset, and I would practice my art of photography. I love experiencing food too, but the natural world captures me in a different way, and I feel I can really explore my self in this space.

Q: Who are some sources of inspiration for you? 
Anyone sharing their truth, their joy, what they love. You can really see this and feel when it's authentic. Specifically though, I would have to say Lorin Ashton of 'Bassnectar' is a true inspiration to me. The model he uses to engage his fans, how he shares from his heart and doesn't hold back. I also love listening to his music while making food, it makes me dance!! He's not in my specific art form, but I think we can gain inspiration from anyone who chooses to do what they love. Also, all my friends in the superfood and herbal realms inspire me, you will see some of them featured in my Dessert Medicine blog, with many more to come!! They are changing the way we see food, how it effects our body and mind, and what we can do to overcome the many outside influences we have no control over like environmental pollution and the degradation of biodiversity. Building relationships with plants and planting the seeds for future generations is so key!

Q: What are your go-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet? 
Liquid turmeric extract from Omica Organics, which seems to be helpful in reducing inflammation and boosting my immunity if I feel it becomes compromised. I take it every day. I also love drinking tea, mostly herbal teas like licorice, nettle, chamomile and rose. Often I will brew a tea and then make a quick elixir drink with other superfoods and herbs added in, like reishi and rhodiola from Sun Potion and then some coconut oil and chia seeds to thicken it when blended, and a bit of honey. I find drinks like these are a way to make taking medicine fun, I like to call it Dessert Medicine! :)